10 Best Private High Schools in San Jose
February 18, 2020

Private high schools may provide a wide variety of learning systems. Studying in an institution such as this will gain us more chances of learning effectively. Without further ado, let us introduce to you the best private high schools in San Jose!

There are significant differences from other standard schools that only private high schools in San Jose offer. One of them is establishing a more sophisticated learning curriculum that involves programs and courses that maintain academic and non-scholastic equilibrium. It is easy to find an educational institution that offers various modules and requires numerous learning activities. However, it is relatively challenging to find schooling systems that provide a curriculum complementing the objective of the subject outline with the aim of the non-scholastic activities.

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San Jose private high schools may have been significantly different from other schooling formations because of their stabilized and well-structured teaching systems. Private high schools in San Jose settle in an environment that also provides an efficient student-teacher ratio without having to disregard cultural diversity. Therefore, it is a safe learning site for all kinds of students and school personnel. 

Private schools in San Jose are also known to promote and strictly implement school rules to maintain discipline within the student body. Moreover, there are school officials in other areas such as student formation, academic and activity coordinators, moderators, and organizations such as parent-teacher associations. The best private high schools can provide even more efficient services to the school community, considering its exclusivity, free from usual school prejudice.

The Best Private High Schools in San Jose

Private high schools in San Jose are situated around the vicinity to equitably distribute the chances of having quality education to its local and neighboring residents. It is smart to realize that schools are a second home to our children. Hence, it must not be located too far from home to be monitored by parents. Also, it is another smart start to consider enrolling your children in a private high school. Here, students can be well-taught and followed exclusively by school officials.

To identify the best San Jose private high schools, we reviewed rankings for all private schools from the 2020 Best Private High Schools in San Jose list released by school and neighborhood data clearinghouse Niche. The rankings of private schools in San Jose below have been compiled based on several factors: 

  • analysis of critical data from the U.S. Department of Education
  • average SAT and ACT scores 
  • college enrollment
  • culture and diversity 
  • student-teacher ratio 
  • parent and student surveys
  • private school ratings collected from millions of Niche users.

High school students are just a few steps away from pursuing a more complex, specific field of study. Dear parents and supporters of these students, take them to excellent private schools in San Jose to give a proper head-start as they go on with more academic challenges to prepare for college.

The Harker School - private high schools in San Jose
The Harker School

1. The Harker School

500 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA 95129
Phone Number: (408) 249-2510

#5 in Best High Schools for STEM in America
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 2,048
Student-Teacher Ratio: 10:1
Average Graduation Rate: 100%
Yearly Tuition: $51,300

At Harker Upper School, their expert team of teachers offers students a world-class and well-rounded education. Their experience in education, combined with its integrated curriculum, creates an optimal learning environment. They provide support systems, including academic and college counseling, to ensure your child’s preparedness for the tertiary level.

Harker School’s goal is to give students an educational experience here like no other, where they challenge, engage, inspire, and support them along their journeys. With a 100 percent acceptance rate into colleges, universities, and conservatories, their students leave Harker prepared for continued success.

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley - private high schools in San Jose
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

2. BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

1290 Parkmoor Ave., San Jose, CA 95126
Phone Number: (408) 291-0907

#1 in Best High Schools for STEM in California
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 800
Student-Teacher Ratio: 8:1
Average Graduation Rate: 100%
Yearly Tuition: $30,700

One of the top-ranked private high schools in San Jose, the BASIS High School Program prepares students to be active participants in their futures and challenges them to reach the highest international benchmarks. The curriculum builds off the foundation of content and skills learned in middle school. They offer students a diverse course of study that is unmatched in breadth and depth. 

By the time they reach grade 9, they are ready for Advanced Placement® (AP) courses. This is a key, required component of the curriculum. Externally measured and validated by the College Board; these courses allow students to study college-level work in high school. AP classes are available starting in grade 9, and because of the acceleration of its program, most students complete their AP course requirements for their first three years in high school.

Bellarmine College Preparatory - private high schools in San Jose
Bellarmine College Preparatory

3. Bellarmine College Preparatory                 

960 W Hedding St., San Jose, CA 95126
Phone Number: (408) 294-9224

#1 in Best All-Boys High Schools in California
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 1,643
Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:1
Average Graduation Rate: 98% 
Yearly Tuition: $22,230

Being one of the top private high schools in San Jose, Bellarmine’s academic program is both aggressive and stimulating. Their curriculum is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education and inspire a lifetime of learning.

All students take a college preparatory curriculum designed to meet the minimum subject requirements of the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems. Most students go beyond these minimum entrance requirements. They are able to complete more than the required number of credits within a required discipline and take advantage of Bellarmine’s numerous Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Notre Dame  - private high schools in San Jose
Notre Dame High School

4. Notre Dame – San Jose

596 South 2nd St., San Jose, CA 95112
Phone Number: (408) 294-1113

#2 in Best All-Girls High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 650
Student-Teacher Ratio: 10:1
Average Graduation Rate: 100%
Yearly Tuition: $19,080

Among the few San Jose private high schools for girls, Notre Dame has provided a distinctive Catholic, college-preparatory education for young women in the heart of downtown since 1851. A program rich with co-curricular opportunities and rigorous academics ensures that all our graduates are well prepared for college and positioned for life success.

Notre Dame, led by a team of individuals highly experienced in education, business, and nonprofit management, understands the benefits of an all-girls environment. A comprehensive counseling support system ensures that students receive the personal and academic support they need to be successful throughout their high school experience.

Archbishop Mitty
Archbishop Mitty High School

5. Archbishop Mitty High School

5000 Mitty Ave., San Jose, CA 95129
Phone Number: (408) 252-6610

#13 in Best Catholic High Schools in California
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 1,735
Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1
Average Graduation Rate: 100%
Yearly Tuition: $19,250

There are many private schools in San Jose. But still, MArchbishop Mitty is the only college preparatory school in Northern California, offering an eight-period schedule. It allows students to take a full, college preliminary class load that includes the option to add courses in the arts or make a new science or mathematics class. They provide comprehensive student counseling services in support of student personal and academic development.

The rigorous, college preparatory curriculum offered at Archbishop Mitty prepares students for admission to the leading colleges and universities in America. Class sizes average of 27 with a teacher/student ratio of one to sixteen. Through classes designed to promote critical thinking, students excel in English, Mathematics, World Languages, Performing Arts, Physical Development, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, and Visual Arts.

Valley Christian High
Valley Christian High School

6. Valley Christian High School

100 Skyway Dr., San Jose, CA 95111
Phone Number: (408) 513-2400

#2 in Best Christian High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 1,607
Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1
Average Graduation Rate: 99%
Yearly Tuition: $23,735

Through a rich combination of core classes and electives, VCHS students discover their passion and develop their talents in a comprehensive, college-preparatory environment. They believe that Christian education is more than a career—it’s a calling. With 57% of their teachers being experts in their fields and holding master’s degrees, its faculty is passionate about building up students to become men and women of God.

At Valley Christian School, they believe in creating unique opportunities to maximize each four-year high school academic experience. Through its 1:1 iPad technology, the Dual Credit program, the Academic and College Counseling staff, and a variety of levels of classes so students can learn at their own pace. They strive to provide each student with a customized high school experience that sets them up for success academically, professionally, and personally.

Presentation High School
Presentation High School

7. Presentation High School

2281 Plummer Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
Phone Number: (408) 264-1664

#3 in Best All-Girls High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area
Overall Niche Grade: A+
Students: 757
Student-Teacher Ratio: 13:1
Average Graduation Rate: 100%
Yearly Tuition: $21,580

Presentation is a nurturing community that encourages the development of the whole person: spiritually, academically, and personally. This balanced approach helps young women develop into critical thinkers readily prepared for college and a career. Presentation High School is one of the San Jose private high schools that offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum committed to helping our students succeed.

To that end, Presentation provides a variety of resources. That also includes a reliable support system, to help students do their best. Those resources include academic monitoring, peer tutoring, mentoring, and a dedicated study center.

Apostles Lutheran School
Apostles Lutheran School

8. Apostles Lutheran School

479 Blossom Hill Rd,, San Jose, CA, 95123
Phone Number: (408) 578-4800

#5 in Best Christian High Schools in San Francisco Bay Area
Overall Niche Grade: A
Students: 186
Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1
Average Graduation Rate: 100%

Apostles Lutheran School has been serving the Bay Area families with excellence in Christ-centered education since 1969. With a rich tradition of academic excellence, Apostles is the perfect place for your child among other private schools in San Jose, to aspire, learn, and succeed.

Apostles High School core classes and electives enable students to discover their talents and achieve their educational goals, all in a faith-based, nurturing environment. Their students consistently score in the top quarter of national tests. Guided by highly qualified teachers and staff, your child will develop the tools needed to tackle future challenges and become expertly prepared for college and beyond.

Cambrian Academy
Cambrian Academy

9. Cambrian Academy

4340 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118
Phone Number: (408) 833-7050

Overall Niche Grade: A
Students: 75
Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1
Yearly Tuition: $15,500

Among all of the San Jose private high schools, Cambrian believes that the high school years are crucial for young people. So they have created an environment that makes those high school years successful. An environment of trust – where they listen and respect each student’s voice and where each instructor takes a personal interest in the growth of each student.

A Cambrian Academy education prepares students to use the skills learned at school in all life’s endeavors. Cambrian Academy is a life-changing experience, challenging and fun. It asks a great deal from every student – higher standards, and greater expectations. They also delve into a deeper engagement not only in the world of ideas but also in the life of the community.

Liberty Baptist School
Liberty Baptist School

10. Liberty Baptist School

2790 S King Rd., San Jose, CA 95122
Phone Number: (408) 274-5613

Overall Niche Grade: A-
Students: 103
Student-Teacher Ratio: 10:1
Average Graduation Rate: 67%

Liberty Baptist School works diligently to be an academically advanced, college preparatory school. They encourage academic excellence in all classes in every grade. Liberty firmly believes that you should be highly skilled in the major academic disciplines (science, history, mathematics, and language), and you should be well-rounded in the arts if desired. 

When you are adequately trained in academics (taught from a Biblical perspective), then you are better prepared to sort truth from error. Thus, this allows students to make wise decisions in all areas of adult life. And if you are equipped with a solid Christian education, you will also be a better servant of both God and humanity.

Choosing the Best School for your Children

Now that you have taken a glimpse of the private high schools in San Jose, you may have some of them listed as your option for the coming school year. We have shared the perks of taking your kids to a private high school, and now we have already given you a list of the best private high school in San Jose.

As a provider of a child’s education, one must not have their head in the clouds as they choose their child’s school, and as they help the institution shape their child’s well-being. “It takes a village to raise a child,” as they say. We wish to be of help as you choose the best private high schools that will provide your child’s educational foundation that will prepare them for tertiary education.

Private high schools in San Jose provide exclusive learning systems so schooling will be made more suitable to your children for more chances of learning effectively. In the long run, your child will be the one to benefit from it all. Indeed, your child’s success will get back like yours!

San Jose offers a wide variety of opportunities for kids to enjoy and have fun all year round! Check out our list of resources for kids, or browse through our Places to Go section. Are you looking for more school resources for kids around San Jose? Browse through our schools and activities and after school programs page.

If you’re even more curious and seeking to learn more information about school kids’ topics, tips, and guides, check out our education-related blog posts

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