101 Summer Programs in Sacramento to Keep your Kids Brain and Body Active
July 10, 2019

Summer season is here, and like every year, kids throughout Sacramento are ready and eager to spend the next months doing whatever they want.

Aside from enjoying the warm weather of the summer season, it is best for parents to put some emphasis on how they could keep their kids’ brain and body active by enrolling in any summer classes or summer programs for kids in Sacramento which can be fun too!


Summer Programs in Sacramento open up all kinds of opportunities for your kids in a way of improving their skills. So, it would be a good idea to engage your kids in physical and mental development this summer season, right?

Fortunately for this summer season, you can find all sorts of classes for kids. But what kind of summer classes, do you ask? Well, you can enroll them in art class, dance class, music, etc., whichever they love the most. Additionally, there are even summer programs for kids that are more on the athletic side.

Below, you’ll find over a hundred things for kids to do in Sacramento to enjoy this summer season.

Explore your creativity with art classes.

Art Summer Classes

1. Firefly Art: Under the Sea Summer Camp – Creativity is as deep as the ocean itself, so why don’t you level up your kids’ creativity from the shallowness of a puddle?

2. Almondale Academy – Art is more than just painting. What Almondale offers also includes stop motion animation and more summer classes.

3. Fairytale Town Summer Camps – This summer season, young kids between ages 4 and 10 will find this camp a perfect place to learn and improve one’s artistic skills. Certainly, kids will no doubt express with excitement how the “magic” of experience has done for their young lives.

4. A Young Actors’ Theatre Camp – Ever wanted to make your child’s dream of being an actor come true but don’t know where to begin? Then this is just for your little aspiring actors to enroll in summer programs for kids!

5. Single Mom Strong – EmpowerME Summer Camp is a special program offered at a DRAMATICALLY REDUCED RATE in support of our community. They accept up to up to 28 school-aged students per session, five days per week (Monday through Friday).

6. Verge Center for the Art – Join Verge for Kids Summer Camp and learn about multi-media art with teaching artist Leah Florence. These two weeks of camp are designed for 6-7-year-olds to learn and explore various art techniques.

7. Play-Well TEKnologies – Although they have temporarily suspended normal program operations at the moment, they are still running in-person summer programs in Sacramento and offering online summer camps and summer classes as well.

8. Space 4 Art Jam – Space 4 Art covers skills such as crafting, drawing, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, and painting. They also host other events such as parties and corporate events. Try any of their summer programs in Sacramento now!

9. Albedo Arts Community – A unique learning experience for children and adults of all ages with different interests. They offer summer classes in music, dance, gymnastics, Pilates, Zumba, Ballroom sports dance, Cardio fitness, social ballroom dance party, fine arts for all ages, and skill level at affordable rates.

10. Merryhill School Camp – Each week, campers jump into action, participating in exciting sports programs, exploring nature, becoming involved in performing and creative arts, playing a part in group activities and attending special events.

11. Allied Ceramics Art Institute – This summer season, students who enrolled in any of their summer programs in Sacramento will be able to form new ideas and perspectives, not just through painting and other traditional art, but also through pottery.

12. CLARA Performing Arts Summer Camp – Children can enjoy summer classes on dance, music, and theater. But, what makes it more exciting is that at the end of the session, they will put up a performance together for their families.

Prepare your kids for the center stage with acting and theatre summer programs in Sacramento .

Acting Class

13. Sacramento Theatre Company’s Summer Camps – The best part of acting is expressing yourself through emotions. And it’s interesting to note that Sacramento Theatre company has trained young actors and actresses for years, exposing them to the world of theatrics.

14. Roseville Theatre Arts Academy – Add this to your list in the summer programs for kids to get started on their acting career. Students will be able to develop their potential in music, dance, and theatre. In addition, they will be able to participate in live theatre and musical theatre productions.

15. Sac ShowBiz Summer Camps – Are you and your children interested in the world of showbiz? Sac ShowBiz opens its doors to a camp where within just 6 weeks, they can teach them to express themselves effectively. Hence, kids can easily portray role in acting.

16. On Stage Coloma Community Center – Taking to the stage takes more than just skills, as it also takes a lot of courage and confidence. On Stage Coloma believes that confidence begins with learning.

17. Aerial Evolution – Being an aerialist is more than about great skills on the ropes, but also impressive balance and physical strength. Aerialists also take part in these camps, as they will be more than happy to offer their experiences to participants.

18. Royal Stage Christian Performing Arts – Dancing is a popular form of performance art all over the world, and it has brought everyone together time and time again. Furthermore, Royal Stage aims to bring together fellow Christians to show off and improve their dance skills.

Looking to become the next American Idol or America’s Got Talent? These summer classes will be your guide!

Summer Programs in Sacramento - Voice Class

19. Voice Academy – Vocal talent, whether singing or acting, requires a lot of coaching and practice. Voice Academy gives all attendees the opportunity to improve their vocal range.

20. Sac Valley Guitar Summer Rock Camps – Time to rock and roll for the summer season! Rock out at Sac Valley’s Guitar Summer camps where kids can improve their guitar skills to the next level and grow into the stars of the future!

21. A Wonderful World of Music – Children love music and they love to dance. And of all the summer programs for kids, their vision is to give quality dance and music instruction to all those who apply.

22. Galaxy Dance Arts – This summer programs for kids offers the best in training aspiring ballet dancers to learning the moves and techniques that professional ballet dancers use.

Get into the thrilling world of sports with these fun summer programs in Sacramento !

Kids Sports

23. West Sacramento Recreation Center Summer Sports Camps – During the summer season, they have hosted many children and youth-oriented activities and summer programs for kids, and their annual summer camp is among them. Their programs aim to develop children’s bodies in tip-top shape for sports-related activities.

24. The Boulder Field Rock Climbing Group – There’s a lot of exciting summer programs for kids this summer season, and Rock Climbing is a great way to experience the thrills of outdoors. Instructors teach kids the basics of rock climbing, all the while experiencing the thrills it provides.

25. National Academy of Athletics – Athleticism for kids is important in the development of their bodies as they grow older. The National Academy of Athletics aims to be all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness. No doubt kids will have a great time staying fit for the summer season.

26. Sacramento United Soccer Camps – Each year, soccer season brings in more interested kids into the sport. Sacramento United’s overall goal is to bring in a new generation of potential soccer players.

27. NIKE Basketball Camp at Jesuit High School – Nike is a big name in sportswear, almost always associated with basketball. And when they announced a basketball camp at Jesuit High School, kids would love to apply as they want to be like their basketball icons, too!

28. NIKE Basketball Camp at William Jessup University – Couldn’t enroll at Jesuit High School? Then no need to worry, because there’s another alternate location at William Jessup University for summer classes!

29. Dragon Fire Martial Arts Summer Camps – Martial arts like karate can help improve one’s physical and mental ability, which makes it stand out from other sports. Improve your karate skills by applying today!


30. Multi-Sport Summer Training – Sports is one of the top choices of summer camp for kids. This year, Olympus Sports is ready once more to accept applicants!

31. Sacramento YMCA Summer Camps – A nonprofit organization that has enriched communities for many decades.  Their summer camp aims to let participants discover their talent in sports.

32. Skyhawks Soccer Camps – This camp focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. By the end of the camp, your child will have learned new life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship, made new friends, and improved their sports skills preparing them to play for the playground or league play!

33. Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center – This summer season, your kids are going to have a great time with all of the activities they have in store. Each week is jam-packed with engaging kids activities. Some of the activities could include arts and crafts, painting, hiking, trips to the park, indoor high-energy games, team building activities, and tie-dying.

34. Family Taekwondo Plus – FUN, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE Summer Camps! Your child is going to have a blast making new friends, experiencing a variety of fun indoor and outdoor adventures, learning/educational activities during the summer season.

35. Fleet Feet Sports Fun with Fitness Summer Camps – Fitness in children will become more and more important as they age. A fitness summer camp is the perfect starting point to put your child along the path to a healthier lifestyle with Fleet Feet’s summer fitness camps.

36. Youngsters Gymnastics Summer Camps – Founded by Olympic Silver medalist Guard Young, they aim to help your child grow physically through a variety of programs to train their bodies.

37. Tokon Martial Arts Center Summer Camps – In martial arts, it’s not just body that is being trained, the mind is trained, too.  Students at Tokon Martial Arts learn to improve their focus, concentration, attention to details, confidence and self-esteem.

38. Ramtown Karate – They take pride in the abilities of their instructors to provide the best learning experience for all participants. They have also won over several competitors in national tournaments. 

39. Buzzardball Youth Basketball – Operating for about 24 years, its director has made the Buzzardball Youth Basketball program a favorite basketball training camp among eighth-grade kids all over Sacramento.

40. Precision Dance Center – 2020 Summer Dance Camp for ages 3 & up! There will be three unique camp experiences. Princess Dance Camp, Trolls Dance Camp and Descendants Dance Camp.

41. Fusion Elite Performance Training Center – For over 25 years, the Fusion Elite Performance Training Center has taught summer classes such as dancing, martial arts, and fitness training to the community. Now it’s time for your child to get into the groove with their exciting summer programs!

42. Aikido Institute Davis – Martial arts like Aikido have grown in popularity, even amongst children, just like any other martial arts. The Aikido Institute in Davis seeks to share their knowledge with Sacramento kids.

43. Coerver Sac Sierra – Their summer programs in Sacramento create a professional atmosphere ideal for young stars looking to sharpen their football skills on the field.

44. Premier Fencing Academy – Fencing as a sport has continued to grow in popularity even for younger generations. And fencing is all about pinpoint accuracy and fast reflexes. And this summer program aims to improve those skills to near-pro levels. 


45. The Boulder Field – With a combination of health, fitness, outdoors, and climbing, The Boulder Field is one of the newest and hottest rock climbing facilities in Sacramento, offering kids the chance to take part in their training activities especially during the summer season..

46. TopGolf – Regardless of age and background, a great golfer starts somewhere. Whether aiming to become the next Tiger Woods or just simply want to improve their own golf swing skills, TopGolf is the place to go.

47. Tumble Buddies – Offers gymnastics and dance summer classes for babies and even young children below the age of 10. Tumble Buddies’ list of activities focuses not only teaching gymnastics but having fun as well!

48. SwimAmerica in Davis – Weekly summer classes schedules, monthly events, and of course their summer swimming programs. Their coaches and trainers ensure children will grow to become better swimmers with time.

Learn the ways of programming for a variety of fields.

Kids Programming

49. Code Ninjas Camps – Kids love technology, games, and having fun with friends. With Code Ninjas, they will teach your child computer coding. Whether your kids one day pursue a career in coding, they will develop confidence, logic, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

50. Code School for kids – During the summer season, they offer classroom-based summer programs for kids between the ages of 8 to 15. Code School for kids provides lessons on HTML, JavaScript, Unity, and CSS. They also hold monthly coding competitions to put skills to the test.

51. iDTech Summer Programs – Offers programs and summer classes such as coding, robots, videogame design, and videogame development. Many would see this not only as a summer camp but also as an opportunity to learn all about the gaming industry.

Museum camps that will open your kid’s mind to new and interesting aspects of history.

Summer classes and summer Programs in Sacramento

52. California Automobile Museum – Cars have evolved along the years, and kids are naturally curious about how vehicles changed our society.

53. Old Sacramento History Camp – Some kids are curious about history, and this camp is the perfect opportunity to grow their knowledge about the past.

54. Crocker Art Museum Summer Camp – The Crocker’s goal for their summer camp is to promote awareness of art. And to enrich young minds through the exposure of others’ creativity.

55. Sacramento Children’s Museum Summer Camps – This summer season, kids are always eager to learn, and the children’s museum will make learning history fun!

Keep your child’s mind sharp with summer teaching and learning camps.

Kids Summer Camp

56. Brookfield School Summer Camp – Experience a fabulous summer of fun learning! Students can choose their favorite indoor or outdoor classes to explore and develop special interests. You can also choose counselor-led activities (outside, in the art room, in the computer lab, in the reading and game room, etc.).

57. Summer Academies at CSUS –  Students can have the opportunity to take summer programs in Sacramento over the summer during two 6-week sessions and one 12-week session. The short sessions allow students the flexibility to complete graduation requirements and advance toward degree goals while pursuing other interests over the summer.

58. St. Mary Summer School – Their summer classes offer kids an engaging, interactive, and enjoyable experience in a safe environment. A wide variety of classes, sports, crafts, and other activities is available to any student in kindergarten to 8th grade.

59. Academy Learning Center – Do you want your kids to become a future engineer, game developer, rocket scientist, or all of the above? You have the option to enroll them in full-day summer classes of STEAM (with Robotics, Coding, Hands-On Science, Drama, Art, or Fitness), or a half-day of Academics (with a personal assessment).


60. Summer Science Camp Program – The CNU Summer Science Program is a career exploration program for academically talented and motivated high school students. Participants connect with a diverse cohort of educators and interact with a group of highly motivated peers.

61. Jesuit High School Academics Plus – Jesuit offers structured summer classes that combine gameplay and teaching in sports, academics, and the arts. They have Academics Plus for boys entering Grades 5-8, Sports Camps for Grades 1-12, Academy Camps for Grades 4-9, and Summer School for Grades 9-12.

62. SCUSD presents “Summerquest” – SummerQuest is a stimulating 6-week summer learning program that will give your incoming 1st through 6th-grade child the opportunity to participate in a meaningful and engaging summer learning experience. This will surely equip your kids with the skills to transition and succeed in the 2020-2021 school year.

63. Child Development Center Summer Camps – At Child Development Centers Summer Camp, your kids will experience new things for the first time this summer season. Each camp provides a unique adventure where campers discover new things, explore their surroundings and marvel in the wonder of childhood. Campers also get to spread their wings, gain independence and become a leader.

64. The Phoenix Schools Summer Camps – Kids will experience a virtual journey around the world and enjoy culture, history, famous sights, food, national sports, and more! Adventurers will learn to read and write some of the Greek alphabets, take samba lessons, and plan a fun-filled carnival to remember in Brazil, or learn about Wimbledon, the Royal family, Big Ben, and the London Eye in England. These and more all in one venue.

65. Merry Garden Preschool Summer Camps – Open to children a little older than preschool age, you can enroll your kids in their art summer classes and craft camps to two week-long sessions. Summer programs include simple hand sewing, doll making, weaving, candle-making, macrame, wind-chimes, fairy houses, bird feeders, clay modeling, and more.

66. Courtyard School Summer Camp – Courtyard provides campers with the opportunity to have fun and continue learning throughout the summer. They offer weekly themes, on-site events, activities tailored for each age group, and daily academic enrichment.

67. IntelliBricks Summer Camp – If you want to raise the overall awareness and adeptness of your kids in the realms of technology and engineering, then this summer program is for you. Students will learn the basic STEM concepts necessary to adapt to the future’s technological advances.

68. Grade Power Learning – Their summer programs in Sacramento were developed using the science of cognitive development, which means that students don’t just get better grades, they learn how to learn. Grade Power Learning empowers students and gives them the confidence that they need to tackle their learning challenges for grade levels from Dynamic Assessment, Math, Reading, Writing, SAT & ACT preparation.

69. Club Z – They focus on ensuring students achieve their fullest academic potential, particularly students with learning differences. Club Z offers to tutor at the convenience of your own home which means the student receives individual attention in an environment in which they feel safe and secure and free from the distractions of a classroom.

70. Education Enrichment Services – EES takes a personal approach to your child’s academic success. They provide students of all ages with supplemental classes and individual tutoring to achieve mastery in the desired content areas.

71. Eye Level – This summer season, they offer supplemental education programs in greater Sacramento with centers in Roseville, Folsom, Yuba City, Natomas, and Elk Grove. Eye Level is devoted to nurturing problem solvers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners.

72. Summer at City Hall – Sacramento City Unified School District provides 11th and 12th-grade students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while making a difference in their communities.  Participants can get a chance to take advantage of working alongside decision-makers to impact their city by working as an intern within a variety of City of Sacramento departments or with a Community Based partner.

73. Dream Enrichment Classes – STEAM education is highly effective for children who seek to improve their passion for learning. They offer the most exciting themes with passionate teachers, and engaging camp curriculum all throughout the Sacramento area to keep kids create, invent, and discover – all summer long!

74. Mad Science of Sacramento County – Kids in preschool through grade 6 will enjoy hands-on science experiences through fun, interactive and educational programs that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about. Whether you want an entertaining educational program or an educational entertainment program, Mad Science has just what you need!

75. Explorit Science Center – Summer is also about exploring. And science is the opportunity to explore. These camps emphasize active learning through age-appropriate experiments, hands-on activities and problem-solving. Explorit’s hands-on approach to science supports formal education’s NGSS and CCSS.

76. KidzScreens – Learning never ends. And KidzScreens summer programs in Sacramento teaches children ages 2-17 important life values that build self-esteem and confidence.

77. Engineering FUNdamental with LEGOs Summer Camps – LEGO has helped children develop their building and engineering skills. Kids can dive into their massive collections of LEGO® parts and learn to collaborate and create without fear of mistakes.

78. Discovery Space & Science Center Summer Camps – Set your child’s sights to the stars at The Discovery summer camp! Activities include a special Planetarium show, Challenger Simulated Space Mission, constructing a lunar base, examining the makeup of a comet, and building and launching simple rockets. This camp coincides with a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing.

Other specialty classes that will surprise you

Summer Programs in Sacramento

79. Sacramento State Aquatic Center Summer Youth Camps – From sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking to boating, your kids will learn all these fun-filled water activities this summer. The Aquatic Center has been involved with youth programs for over 30 years and is recognized as the benchmark for boating safety. 

80. El Dorado Sewing and Fashion Academy – Get started on the road to becoming a fashion designer here! Students will be able to sew Harry Potter themed creations and make clothes for their American Girl Dolls. 

81. Busy Bees  Studio Creative Summer Camps – They provide a safe nurturing environment where children can learn new skills, gain self-confidence, making new friends and having fun. Busy Bee focuses on instilling a strong foundation of self that a child can draw from throughout their life, to love and respect one another, feel good about who they are, and discover the wonders of the world that they live in.

82. Sugar Ditch Stables – Kids love horses! The week-long horse camps are not only fun for the children, but also convenient for the parents. Apart from horseback riding, kids get to experience fun-filled activities including crafts, gardening, and how to care for, groom, and saddle. For ages 5 and up, no horse experience needed!

83. ASI Peak Adventures – Feeling a little adventurous? Say no more! Turn their summers into thrills! Peak Adventures offers week-long outdoor summer camps for campers ages 8-17. For the younger kids, activities include scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, games, water activities and lots more! Older kids have the opportunity to experience a new activity each day ranging from the Challenge Center ropes course on campus, outdoor rock climbing, cave exploring and white water rafting.

84. Move! Studio’s Capoeira Camp – Capoeira is a hybrid of martial arts and dancing. A mix of both has captured the interest of many including kids. They offer weekly classes for ages 3 through adults which includes traditional martial arts, dance, and acrobatics, plus music, language, history, and more. Students progressively learn the steps, kicks, dodges, cartwheels, and rhythms while having fun and getting in great shape. 


85. Summer Blitz 2019 – Are you ready for Rome?  Learn a bit about life in ancient Rome. Meet Paul the Apostle, hear about the “underground church,” play some Roman games, make new friends, and, best of all, learn about God’s love. This summer program is for children who will be 4 years old by July 1st up to those entering 5th grade in the fall.

86. Sacramento Zoo Camps – Sacramento Zoo has something in store for your kids. Enroll your kid ages 3 to 5 years old in a 2-hour Little Peeps summer class. Kids will gather around for storytime and make a take-home craft. During the class, they will visit one of their animal ambassadors.

87. Sacramento Summer Camp Kindness – Kids love pets.  Sacramento SPCA offers a fun-filled way for kids to learn more about dogs, cats, and other companion animals. Designed to foster awareness about animals, Camp Kindness will include games, crafts, tours, guest speakers, animal-related education, professional demonstrations, veterinary observation, discussions, and plenty of fun!

88. 4-H Summer Camps – Sacramento County 4-H offers two wonderful camp programs for 4-H youth members, 4-H Summer Camp for 9 years old and up, and 4-H Mountain Horse Camp, which will be held at Stone Cellar in the Crystal Basin in the beautiful El Dorado National Forest.

89. Camp Pendola – What better way to spend the summer camping at the pines? Overnight camp at Camp Pendola gives young people an opportunity for an experience of a lifetime while learning new skills, making friends and growing in appreciation of God’s Creation.  Activities include various arts and crafts, hiking, archery, swimming, large and small group games, sports and camping skills.

90. K1 Indoor Electric Go Karting Experience Summer Camp – Feeling the need for speed? Then try go-karting! K1 Speed offers an all-electric indoor go-kart racing in Sacramento! Whether you attend UC Davis or live in the communities of Roseville or Citrus Heights, their indoor karting location is the destination in the Golden State capitol.

91. Camp Hope – Losing loved ones can be hard on a child, and this camp will help to turn that into optimism. Camp Hope is a free weekend camp for children, ages 6 to 17, who have experienced the loss of a significant loved one. Attending camp gives these children the opportunity to be with other children who understand their unique experience.

92. Shadow Glen Family Stables Riding Camps – Kick up the dust and go horseback riding! Campers learn basic care and custody of horses over the week and receive instruction in western trail riding. They will learn terminology, riding skills, and general horse care.

93. Soil Born Farm’s Summer Camps – Go green with this summer camp to help your child understand agriculture. Students entering grades pre-K through 12 have the opportunity to explore farm, field, and river environments at Summer Day Camp. Through experiential learning, discovery, and play, youth will deepen their connection between food, health, and the environment.

94. Kids Bike Festival at Camp  Fair Oaks – Celebrate with kids and their love for bicycles. Kids can challenge their friends in a race around their track, ride around for fun in their bike park, and participate in skill challenges. This is one of the Sacramento kids events that will be packed with a variety of bike-themed carnival games and activities, along with vendors, and special appearances from their mascot Rocky the Rooster and much more.

95. Breakaway Summer Camp – A bigger version of the classic Breakaway, they promise non-stop fun for all participants. Choose from 50 different camps at 8 locations in the Sacramento area! Recreation, arts, rally, learning about God and building lasting friendships are just a part of what Breakaway is.

96. ROAR! GS Kids Camp – Have a roaring good time with fellow children through fun activities like Bible Stories, games, videos, and more!

97. Spanish Immersion Program – Learning a new language can be a very fun time! Their summer programs in Sacramento courses can immerse your kids with new language.

98. A Slice of Evan – Culinary summer classes are a delicious experience. And what better way than to learn about the art of making pizza?

99. Camp Sacramento – The great outdoors, fresh air, and open spaces. Camp Sacramento is situated in the El Dorado National Forest approximately 89 miles from Sacramento. It sits on a 14-acre property owned by the U.S. Forest Service and leased by the City of Sacramento. They offer eight Mini Camp (4 days/3 nights) and three Week-long (6 days/5 nights) vacation sessions.

100. Bricks4Kidz Summer Camp – Blocks can bring out the imagination and creativity in kids. Bricks 4 Kidz camps are a fresh and fun way for kids ages 5-13+ to spend their school or holiday break!

101. Summer Safari Camps – THis summer season, experience an epic six weeks of-of adventure and discovery. Where participants can take part in a grand safari to experience the natural world.


These are among the many options you can consider exploring Sacramento for Kids activities this summer season. It’s always a great investment to spend those days with classes for kids so that they can fully grow, make friends, build their confidence, develop positive mental health, and stay fit while having fun. It is best that you can coordinate this list of summer programs in Sacramento with your kids and observe which ones deliver a positive response.

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