Celebrate Father’s Day at Home | 20 Things to do with Dad
June 17, 2020

Father’s Day is fast approaching! It’s time to look for Father’s day ideas that will not compromise CDC health guidelines. While we remain cautious with social gatherings, there are plenty of fun things to do with dad to celebrate Father’s Day at home. 

Most father’s day ideas that would come up to your mind are typically going for a family outing, dining at a restaurant, or perhaps a movie treat at the nearby theater. Others like to have fun things to do with dad watching a baseball game, fishing, or even camping in the great outdoors. This year, however, it’s going to be different! While the country has lifted its stay-at-home orders, some local businesses and recreational centers are still not up and running. Chances are, these places will have some limitations and not without any restrictions. That won’t be fun, right? With limited places to go due to the ongoing global pandemic, who says you can’t celebrate Father’s Day at home?

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Celebrating Father’s Day this year is shaping up to be tricky. Although the country is reopening, experts say we have to remain cautious and limit outdoor gatherings. With social distancing and all, you still have plenty of fun things to do with dad. So, we’ve rounded up these creative and personalized Father’s day ideas for you.

Whether your dad loves to go for an adventure or favors sports-day activities, these easy-to-do activities will surely delight your pop and celebrate Father’s Day within your home parameters.  Our list of Father’s day ideas will make you realize that honoring your dad on his special day is not limited. From simple preparation of food to doing fun activities together for the first time, you’ll never run out of things to do with dad to celebrate Father’s Day at home.

As long as you put your heart to it, the coming special Day for dads will surely be memorable for him and the whole family.

Dad's All-time Favorite Meal  - celebrate father's day at home

1. Cook and Serve your Dad’s All-time Favorite Meal

We know the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So why not celebrate Father’s Day by preparing and serving him with all his favorite food. Days before Father’s Day, ask him about all his favorite meals. You can make a Dad-approved menu for the whole day—breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Design a menu board with greetings and complimenting words. Let your dad know that your appreciation of him lies in the food he’s about to eat the whole Day. Make sure that you are part of the cooking and preparation. He’ll feel appreciated by doing so.

Spa Day for Dad - celebrate father's day at home

2. Spa Day for Dad

There are a lot of things to do with dad that will test his physique and movement. But one of the best Father’s day ideas is being still and relaxed. Why not celebrate Father’s Day by indulging him with a special spa treatment. Spoil your dad with some massage you can learn online.

Search for spa activities on the internet, from a simple pedicure to something complex like facial treatment, and transform a room into a spa area. Nothing will make a stressed-out dad happier than a day of relaxation and pampering.

Backyard Dad Games -  things to do with dad

3. Backyard Dad Games

If your dad is competitive, organize a backyard activity featuring games that will make him excited. As you celebrate Father’s day at home, play some vintage games like cornhole or dodgeball. It will make him remember his college days. Or you can invent a new one and make it dad-themed. This way, he’ll make a new memory with you.

Special Picnic in the Backyard - father's day ideas

4. Special Picnic in the Backyard

Some dads love to go to parks and have a picnic with their families. If your dad is like that, one of the best Father’s day ideas is to pack up and have a picnic in your backyard. Prepare the usual food you always bring before—make sure it’s your dad’s favorite. In this way, you get to celebrate Father’s Day at home and, at the same time, make it unique for him as he reminisces your family outings in the past.

Transform Your Backyard into a Campsite - father's day ideas

5. Transform Your Backyard into a Campsite

There are plenty of things to do with dad outside the house. Most fathers prefer camping on special occasions. Some even do it on Father’s Day itself. If your dad is one of them, then one great way to celebrate Father’s Day while in quarantine is to make your backyard into a campsite. Let your dad prepare for putting up the tent and setting the fire.

What you can do is cook and prepare the food. You can also sing a song during the campfire. Make him tell stories of his past life during this part of the camping.

Specialized Grilling Session - things to do with dad

6. Specialized Grilling Session

Most of the time, your dad does the grilling when there’s a gathering in your backyard. He loves doing it. To celebrate Father’s Day, why not organize a festive Father’s day barbecue where your dad can do what he loves. But this time, he is the center of attention and not just the guy who grills and serves food.

Make it unique by filming him and posting it on social media with “The Best Dad Ever” description. Tell everyone how lucky you are to have him.

Set-Up a Backyard Mini Golf - father's day ideas

7. Set-Up a Backyard Mini Golf

If your dad is a golfer, one of the best Father’s day ideas while in quarantine is to set up a mini-golf course in your backyard or any open space inside your fences. On June 21, make something special to celebrate Father’s Day with a blast by organizing a golf tournament among yourselves. You can name the tournament after your dad.

You can even make a personalized trophy with your dad’s picture or image on it. If you don’t know how to play golf, then let your dad teach you. It could be a special bonding time between you and your dad.

Organize a Beer or Wine Tasting - father's day ideas

8. Organize a Beer or Wine Tasting

Most dads love drinking beer. You can celebrate Father’s day at home by hosting a beer tasting. If your liquor store is accessible, buy different brands of beer (or you can opt for delivery services). Organize an afternoon of refreshment event in the dining area or even in your backyard.

Who knows? With this beer tasting, he might find a new favorite beer. Now, if your dad is a wine guy, then just do a wine tasting instead.

Be Crafty for a Day - celebrate father's day at home

9. Be Crafty for a Day

If your dad is an artist, one great way to celebrate Father’s Day at home is to get crafty for a day. You can do it together with the art activity he is good at, like painting or sculpting. Do your best to learn his craft. It shows your appreciation for him. But to make it more special, you can learn together with a new craft.

Go to the internet and learn an art that your Father hasn’t done before. It might be something that you will do together as a bonding routine in the future. 

Father-themed Game Night - celebrate father's day

10. Father-themed Game Night

One of the best Father’s day ideas is a game night. Especially when your dad is into the parlor or board games. But you can make it more dad-centered by relating the games to him. For example, if you are going to play charades, make the topics about your dad. You can make the prizes something beneficial to your Father. You can also do a marathon of all the board games he loves.

Put on a Tribute Show for Dad - father's day ideas

11. Put on a Tribute Show for Dad

There are a lot of performances that you can do for your dad to celebrate Father’s Day. You can sing, dance, do a dramatic reading, or even pull off a comical mini skit. Any of these will make your dad happy because he is proud of you. Make it more special by putting on some costumes.

Design the show area with something that will highlight your dad like a banner of his name or lanterns with his face on them. Make him dress up for this special presentation. Print out a ticket, and make him present it at the entrance.

Dad's Movie Night - father's day ideas

12. Dad’s Movie Night

One of the many things to do with dad is watching a movie. But since cinemas are still not yet open, you can celebrate Father’s Day at home by organizing a movie night for him. Make it unique by choosing movies that highlight how wonderful fathers are. Complete the experience by preparing popcorn and cold drinks.

You can set up a private screening in your backyard if you have the necessary equipment like an LCD screen or projector. You can also go vintage by sitting inside the car while watching—like the drive-ins movie theater.

Battle Your Dad to His Favorite Video Games

13. Battle Your Dad to His Favorite Video Games

If your dad loves playing video games, celebrate Father’s Day by playing with him for an ample amount of time. It’s better if you learn the games he is playing. Beat him if you must. Make him proud. But let him win too. You don’t want him to be grumpy the whole Day. You can also prepare his favorite snacks and beer while you play.

It’s also good if you allow him to play alone and let him go on without distractions from anyone. It will be like a day-off for him.

Have a Sports Tournament

14. Have a Sports Tournament

The pandemic must be a downer for most sports fanatics as Baseball and Basketball season has been postponed and even has the possibility of being canceled. Your dad might be down too. To uplift his spirit, organize a sports tournament in your backyard. If you have a Basketball half-court, play 1-on-1 with your dad or 3-on-3 if you have enough players in your household. Battle out for a certain amount of games.

Complete the tournament with playoffs and a championship. Make a specialized trophy with the name of your dad on it. Film the whole event if you want. It is something you want to reminisce about it someday.

Dad's Sports Night

15. Dad’s Sports Night

One of the best father’s day ideas, if you have a sports-oriented dad, is to host a sports night. You can watch his favorite sports documentaries, or if he has recorded games of his beloved sports team before, you can have a marathon. Make the night special by giving a gift with sports orientation like a jersey. You can personalize a jersey by sewing the name of his team on a shirt. Also, put his name and favorite number on it.

Make sure you know how to sew. If not, ask mom for help. If there’s any live sports event on June 21, dedicate the whole broadcasting hours to you and your dad watching it. 

A Blast-from-the-Past Night

16. A Blast-from-the-Past Night

Your dad might have exciting stories and adventures in the past that he hasn’t shared with you yet. Father’s Day is an opportunity of time to do it. You can set up a microphone if you have one. It’s like an open mic about him. If there are antiques in your house, you can bring them out and use them as props. He can also talk about these old materials.

What are the stories behind each sentimental thing? How did dad get them? For sure, there’s a beautiful story he can tell about these things. It is something creative and new way to celebrate Father’s Day. At the same time, you will discover more about his past. 

Detective Game with Dad-themed Story

17. Detective Game with Dad-themed Story

If your dad is into detective games, play one. Create an intriguing and mind-boggling detective story. Make sure your dad’s name is incorporated in it or make it entirely about him. Mom will hide the clues. Then, you and your dad will solve the case the whole Day.

The prize must be something special for your dad. Your dad will surely be thrilled with this exciting activity, making Father’s day at home something memorable for him.

Fashion Show for Dad

18. Fashion Show for Dad

If you are into fashion, share that world with your dad. Organize a fashion show featuring your dad in different clothing. You will be the designer, of course. Make new combinations of his clothes. It is something new for some dads, but it will be fun to celebrate Father’s Day. Film the whole show.

Take Instagrammable photos. Who knows? He might use this combination of clothes when he goes outside and makes them his new style. 

Go Virtual with Your Dad - celebrate father's day at home

19. Go Virtual with Your Dad

A lot of activities nowadays have gone virtual because of the pandemic. On Father’s Day, you have a lot of options to celebrate it at home. Just go to the internet and do the virtual activities you would like to do both. You can do a virtual tour. Some websites offer online tours to different tourist sites. You can go to museum hopping.

Visit numerous galleries around the globe virtually. It is one high-tech way to celebrate Father’s day at home, especially when your dad is a traveler and loves to go places.

Personalized Cards and Letters - celebrate father's day at home

20. Personalized Cards and Letters

What better gift can you give to your dad to celebrate Father’s Day than a heartfelt card or letter? Write on it your appreciation of him. Tell him how much you love him and how you adore everything he does. That would undoubtedly strike his heart’s strings.

Make it more special by personalizing your card or letter. Get crafty with it. Put Father’s day designs on the envelope. Personalize it with stuff that will describe your dad’s awesomeness. 

Make this Father’s Day a great one!

Dads deserve love and appreciation, and Father’s Day allows us to plan something special for him. He has been working hard for the family. He puts food on the table and does tough things, even taking the extra mile. And even if it’s a lot different this year, there are still plenty of things to do with dad to celebrate Father’s Day at home. 

With the pandemic not totally over, it’s harder to follow your normal Father’s Day celebration. Places to go to will be limited, and access to gift shops will have restrictions. But these Father’s day ideas listed are full of easy things to do with dad that you can prepare and organize to celebrate Father’s Day within the four corners of your home. offers a wide variety of opportunities for kids to enjoy and have fun all year round! Check out our list of resources for kidsthings to do, or browse through our deals and discounts section. Be updated with the latest happenings through our events section. If you’re even more curious and seek to learn more about kids’ topics, tips, and guides, check out our things to do blog posts.

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