16 Feb (Wed) 2022

Ballroom Dance Classes

For kids 4-7 year old
Category: Arts
City: San Jose, CA

Treat your child to the exciting world of dancing today with our Teddy Bears Dance Program.

In our DNA Ballroom Dance studio, we’re offering your child the best way to stay active, build confidence, and express their own creativity!

Kids will learn Latin and Ballroom Dance’s essential elements and steps while encouraging fun and fitness with your tiny dancer. In addition, kids will get routines, and in the future, they will be ready to participate in dance competitions.

Time : 4:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Age Group : 2 - 5 yrs. old , 6 - 12 yrs. old
Cost : $5 - $23
Venue : DNA Dance Ballroom
Organizer : DNA Dance Ballroom