12 Sep (Sun) 2021
12 Nov (Fri) 2021

Bay Area Eco-Ranch Tour

Eco-Ranch Experience
City: Morgan Hill, CA

An eco-ranch experience on a family farm where nature and land stewardship come first. Wrap up w a BYO summer sunset, pasture picnic.

Learn how our family balances livestock and farming while protecting the natural world!

You’ll enjoy a leisurely walking summer sunset tour of our working family ranch and help us feed dinner to the animals while learning about the systems that contribute to our regenerative land stewardship.

Together, we’ll:

– Help us feed a sunset dinner to the Babydoll Sheep, Alpacas, Goats, Potbelly Pigs, Highland Cows, and fluffy Silkie chickens

– Enjoy the company of our working dogs as tour guides and learn about how they guard our livestock from natural predators

– See our pollinator-friendly baby fruit forest and newly planted olive grove and learn about the pollinators that we’re working to protect

– Feed our flock of 100 free range chickens that lay rainbow eggs that we sell to the community (25 different breeds)

– Release your own goldfish into a livestock water trough to serve as mosquito hunters that’ll protect livestock from itchy bites

– Wrap up by spending quality time brushing and/or finger painting our gentle American Quarter Horses

– Enjoy your own BRING YOUR OWN dinner picnic in our dry stream-side pasture (with a take-home craft decorating a real horseshoe). Pasture picnic tables with twinkly light strands. Bring your own dinner/beverages/snacks. Lots of lawn games provided!

You’ll leave with a real-world understanding of the valuable roles domestic animals can play in environmental restoration and regenerative agriculture. And of course, you’ll get tons of fun selfies touching and feeding farm animals!

Instagram: @tule_ranch


Time : 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM PDT
Age Group : 2 - 5 yrs. old , 6 - 12 yrs. old , 13-18 yrs. old
Cost : $ $25 - $$50
Venue : Tule Ranch
Organizer : Tule Ranch