15 Mar (Tue) 2022

Medical Visits Made Easier

Category: Special Needs
City: Sacramento, CA

Are medical visits with your child a struggle? COVID-19 restrictions at doctor’s offices may present new challenges, like longer wait times and getting your child to wear a mask. Join the Kyo team and learn a variety of tips and tricks to make these appointments easier on both you and your child. We’ll share strategies to increase compliance and reward successful trips to the doctor or dentist.

This webinar will cover:

•Methods to desensitize your child of fears of the doctor or dentist
•Desensitizing mask usage and ways to keep your child occupied while waiting
•Information you can share with your medical professional for a successful appointment
•Things to consider to help identify the right doctor or dentist for your family
•Question & Answer

Time : Time Varies
Age Group : 0 - 1 yr. old , 2 - 5 yrs. old , 6 - 12 yrs. old
Cost : Free
Venue : Kyo
Organizer : Kyo