05 Apr (Tue) 2022
18 Apr (Mon) 2022

Resilience: Influence on Parents of Children

Understand The Relationship
City: Sacramento, CA

The study results will add to new literature about resilience and further enlighten occupational therapists, teachers, and other allied healthcare professionals in their approaches when interacting with parents of children with ASD. Participants must have at least one child with ASD between the ages of 3-11 and be between 21-64 years old to participate.

Survey participation is a one-time commitment and will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete the survey online at any convenient time and place. Data collection is anonymous, and no identifying information will be collected in order to maintain confidentiality. The aggregate results of this study will only be used for scholarly purposes. You will receive your scoring and interpretation from the Adult Sensory Processing Scale if you complete the survey!

Time : Time Varies
Age Group : 2 - 5 yrs. old , 6 - 12 yrs. old
Cost : Free
Venue : Online
Organizer : San Jose State University OT Department