When you bring your child to a Santa Clara pediatric dentist, you own attitude sets the expectation for your child. If you act happy about having a dentist clean your child’s teeth, he or she will pick up on that and feel the same way. Similarly, having an apprehensive or annoyed attitude will also rub off on your child Santa Clara is our newest and largest office, open in 2014.  It has 4 open bay treatment chairs and 3 private rooms.  It is also equipped with a surgical room and recovery area for our General Anesthesia patients.  It is open Monday –Saturday and Dr. Radwan and Dr. Metwally both practice there. All chairs are equipped with in-ceiling Apple TVs where children can choose their own personal movies from our library of over 100 personal kids’ movies. At Bay Area Kids Dentist in Santa Clara, California, we encourage parents to treat the appointment as an adventure so kids will look forward to seeing us.