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A Seat at the Table Books

Elk Grove’s family-owned bookstore, cafe, and community hub is here to build community, uplift the oppressed, and smash the kyriarchy* through the power of books and coffee.

 Address: 9257 Laguna Springs Ste 130.
 Hours: Monday-Saturday 8-6, Sunday 10-4.
 Federal holiday hours: 10-6.
 Email us or text us at 916-538-3482 with questions.


Dalek Day 2022

A Seat at the Table Books 9257 Laguna Springs Dr, Ste 130, Elk Grove, CA

Hello Sweeties! Your presence is requested on Sunday, August 7, for a special celebration: Dalek Day 2022! The official day is August 8, but we’re getting a proper jump on festivities while supporting a fantastic cause: Moms Demand Action, a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun … Continue reading "Dalek Day 2022"


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