Our 10 Best Private Elementary Schools in San Jose
September 7, 2021

As the world’s hub for technological development, San Jose is home to the top schools in the country. Explore the ten best private elementary schools in San Jose and determine which one fits your child’s educational needs.

Elementary or primary school is the first phase of a child’s formal education. The first eight years of a child’s life are also the most formative years for learning. They play a vital role in how students perform in their later school years. And choosing the best school for your child can make all the difference in achieving a successful academic career. The best private elementary schools in San Jose offer children fundamental academic skills, basic knowledge, and socialization strategies.

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San Jose private elementary schools may have been significantly different from other schooling formations because of their stabilized and well-structured educational systems. With small class sizes and a STEAM-integrated curriculum, the best private elementary schools in San Jose provide the most productive and innovative learning space for your kids. The curriculum focuses on hands-on learning programs and extracurricular activities aimed toward the child’s initial stages of development.

We reviewed rankings for all private schools from the 2021 Best Private Elementary Schools in San Jose released by school and neighborhood data clearinghouse Niche to identify the best San Jose elementary schools. The rankings of private elementary schools in San Jose below have been compiled based on several factors:

  • analysis of critical data from the U.S. Department of Education
  • average SAT and ACT scores
  • culture and diversity
  • student-teacher ratio
  • parent and student surveys
  • private school ratings collected from millions of Niche users

Elementary school is the first milestone set to define your child’s academic and personal endeavors. If you are planning to enroll your child in San Jose, check out the list of the best private elementary schools below so you can make an informed choice for your kids.

The Harker School - best private elementary schools in San Jose
The Harker School

1. The Harker School

4300 Bucknall Rd., San Jose, CA 9513
Phone Number: (408) 871-4600

Students: 1,975
Student-Teacher Ratio: 10:1

Harker’s Lower School is one of the Bay Area’s best schools for giving elementary students a well-rounded, top-notch education. High-quality academics, broad class offerings, and outstanding teachers and facilities define a Harker education. Their robust lower school programs and extracurricular activities like athletics, arts, and after-school clubs are vital ingredients of a well-rounded education.

Harker School’s goal is to provide your child with a nurturing and supportive environment to grow and thrive. Your child will enjoy an inspiring learning environment, dedicated teachers, supportive staff, and ample opportunities to discover passions and strengths. At Harker, your child will find like-minded peers who turn into lifelong friends. For more information, please visit their website.

Apostles Lutheran School - San Jose private elementary school
Apostles Lutheran School

2. Apostles Lutheran School

5828 Santa Teresa Blvd., San Jose, CA 95123
Phone Number: (408) 578-4800

Students: 209
Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1

As one of the best private elementary schools in San Jose, Apostles Lutheran School has been serving Bay Area families with excellence in Christ-centered education since it was founded in 1969. Apostles School is the perfect place for your child to aspire, learn, and succeed with a rich tradition of academic excellence. At Apostles, children are challenged — inside the classroom and out — to focus on success, work hard, and achieve their potential.

In Transitional Kindergarten through 2nd grade, your child will enjoy a structured and caring classroom that fosters education and exploration. In 3rd through 5th grade, your child will build educational and social confidence, while developing their unique God-given talents and personality. Their students use a variety of tools to learn math, reading, and writing. They also delve into social studies, science, art, PE, and music. For more information, please visit their website.

Liberty Baptist School
Liberty Baptist School

3. Liberty Baptist School

2790 S King Rd., San Jose, CA 95122
Phone Number: (408) 274-5613

Students: 103
Student-Teacher Ratio: 10:1

At Liberty Baptist School, they work hard to provide a well-rounded school experience. They encourage academic excellence in all classes in every grade level. Liberty firmly believes that elementary students should be highly skilled in the major academic disciplines (science, history, mathematics, and language) and should be well-rounded in the arts if desired.

When you are adequately trained in academics (taught from a Biblical perspective), students are better prepared to sort truth from error. Thus, this allows them to make wise decisions in all areas of adult life. And if their students are equipped with a solid Christian education, they will also be better servants of God and humanity. For more information, please visit their website.  

Challenger School - Berryessa
Challenger School – Berryessa

4. Challenger School – Berryessa

711 East Gish Rd., San Jose, CA 95112
Phone Number: (408) 998-2860

Students: 839
Student-Teacher Ratio: 18:1

Challenger’s Berryessa private school campus is a beautiful choice for San Jose parents and students. You’ll be impressed by the camaraderie, communication, and teamwork between families and staff, newly renovated buildings and office, and updated and safe playgrounds and tracks. Their emphasis on independent reasoning skills results in their students’ extraordinary academic performance.

Challenger School offers uniquely fun and academic classes for elementary students. They are taught to think critically, inspiring students to be independent, responsible individuals. With an engaging, value-based curriculum, Challenger prepares elementary students for higher education and successful lives. For more information, please visit their website.

St. Christopher School
St. Christopher School

5. St. Christopher School

2278 Booksin Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
Phone Number: (408) 723-7223

Students: 627
Student-Teacher Ratio: 21:1

As one of the best San Jose private elementary schools, St. Christopher School is dedicated to educating children to become faith-filled leaders who serve God, consider their actions, and step up. Established in 1955, this school is a Catholic educational community within St. Christopher Parish. As the primary educators of their children, parents work with clergy, administration, faculty, and staff to develop the whole child spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

​​St. Christopher Catholic School offers a comprehensive curriculum based on the California Common Core State Standards and Diocese of San Jose curriculum guidelines. They collaborate with parents, parishioners, and other organizations to enhance their classroom curriculum with various field trips, assemblies, and enrichment opportunities.

Their graduates are active, life-long learners, critical thinkers, and highly effective communicators. For more information, please visit their website.  

Holy Spirit School
Holy Spirit School

6. Holy Spirit School

1198 Redmond Ave., San Jose, CA 95120
Phone Number: (408) 268-0794

Students: 556
Student-Teacher Ratio: 22:1

Holy Spirit School is a Catholic community of students, parents, staff, and parishioners who, guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, form the whole person through faith, knowledge, and community. This San Jose elementary school takes great pride in its efforts to educate the whole child and encourage students to “let their light shine” and develop their God-given gifts in various ways.

Guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they foster a culture of respect and understanding between students, parents, staff, parishioners, the community, and the world. They also offer our students enriching, vibrant co-curricular opportunities to discover and develop their God-given talents. For more information, please visit their website.

Primary Plus Elementary School
Primary Plus Elementary School

7. Primary Plus Elementary School

3500 Amber Dr., San Jose, CA 95117
Phone Number: (408) 248-2464

Students: 494
Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1

Primary Plus is a preschool and elementary school with grades kindergarten through fourth. The school provides an educational setting staffed with warm, personally interested adults who give the students the message that learning is exciting and essential. The teachers attempt to establish a learning environment that will allow the children to experience the maximum possible success. Class sizes are small, which allows for a great deal of teacher-student interaction.

The Primary Plus program includes both academic day classes and extended daycare. Subjects such as physical education and computer classes are part of the everyday elementary curriculum. They have a variety of enrichment programs that complete outstanding student offerings. Students can enroll in dance, karate, music, art, computer, tennis, swimming, golf, and a wide range of sports activities. For more information, please visit their website.

Valley Christian Elementary School
Valley Christian Elementary School

8. Valley Christian Elementary School

1450 Leigh Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
Phone Number: (408) 559-4400

Students: 435
Student-Teacher Ratio: 20:1

Valley Christian Elementary School is among the best private elementary schools in San Jose. They guide children on individual paths to self-discovery and a life-long love of learning. As a student, your child will be invited to go on a Quest for knowledge, guided by caring teachers and supportive friends, to discover who God created them to be.

Its unique K-12 programs have been specifically designed to give students more opportunities than they ever thought possible, providing hands-on experiences in STEM, the Arts, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Athletics.

Valley Christian Schools’ mission is to provide a nurturing environment offering quality education supported by a strong foundation of Christian values in partnership with parents, equipping students to become leaders to serve God, serve their families, and impact their communities and the world positively. For more information, please visit their website.

Almaden Country Day School - San Jose private elementary
Almaden Country Day School

9. Almaden Country Day School

1450 Leigh Ave., San Jose, CA 95125
Phone Number: (408) 559-4400

Students: 360
Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1

At Almaden Country Day School, they focus on each child as an accepted and valued individual. They offer continuity and consistency across a curriculum designed to develop and celebrate the whole child. In addition to language arts, mathematics, and social studies, the instructional program for all elementary (K-5) students includes art, science, physical education, and music and drama. Specialist teachers teach enrichment classes.

Technology is assimilated into daily coursework in all subjects using classroom resources, including iPads, MacBooks, and ActivBoard interactive electronic whiteboards in this San Jose elementary school. Children also practice coding in enrichment subjects, including science. All elementary students engage in project-based learning using a variety of technologies in its popular Imaginarium maker space. For more information, please visit their website.

St. Martin of Tours School
St. Martin of Tours School

10. St. Martin of Tours School

300 O’Connor Dr., San Jose, CA 95128
Phone Number: (408) 287-3630

Students: 331
Student-Teacher Ratio: 13:1

St. Martin combines the rich tradition of Catholic education with innovative teaching to inspire children to become joyful, well-rounded learners. As one of the best private elementary schools in San Jose, they offer a broad range of programs extending beyond the basics and outside the classroom. They strive to teach the whole child and focus on more than just academic achievement, encouraging spiritual growth through Catholic education based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Music, Choir, Performance Band, and Spanish continue to round out its programs. Happy learning can be found in the classroom, spilling out into the hallways, where its small group learning continues and on the playground, at field trips, and beyond. All curriculum is aligned with the California Common Core. For more information, please visit their website.

Elementary school is the first mandatory educational level your child needs to complete. And making the right choice from the start can help your kids ensure that they are in the right environment to develop positive attitudes toward school and learning.

The best San Jose private elementary schools on the list have their unique appeal. Take the time to weigh your options and decide which school can provide the best education for your child. Just remember, the best private school is the one that fits your child’s needs.

San Jose offers so many opportunities for kids to enjoy and have fun all year round! Check out our list of resources, or browse through our things to do in San Jose with kids. Still looking for more activities for kids in San Jose? No problem! Check out our comprehensive listing of Schools & Activities in the region and our highly recommended education blog posts.

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