What to look for in a Summer Camp Program
May 1, 2019

What to look for in Summer Camp Program in Sacramento? What specialized camps or summer camps for kids in Sacramento are available?

During the summer, it can be a challenge keeping your kids busy. Leaving kids at home to spend their days watching tv, playing fortnight, and glued to YouTube is not ideal. Even for stay-home parents planning things for the kids to do is so hair pulling and keeping arguing at a minimum is a full-time job.

Considering a summer camp program in Sacramento for the entire summer or even for a week or two can be a great option to break up the monotony. But how do you choose from these specialized camps?

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First, let’s consider what you, as a parent, need.

How old are your children, ideally is there are summer camps for kids in Sacramento that cover all of their ages?

The third option may be that everyone is together for all activities.  Some parents prefer this option because there is a personal comfort when siblings are able to stick together.

In the interest of age, check to see what the ratio of children to adults is for the camp you’re interested in.  Younger children programs require more leaders while older groups are more independent and require fewer leaders.

Care Needs? To help with narrowing down the options, answer these quick questions for yourself…

What to look for in a Summer Camp Program - specialized camps

Are you looking for an all-day program? Need or want only a few hours of activities? Morning or Afternoon? Will you be working all week; needing 5 days of activities? Would you prefer one day a week or flexible scheduling options? Lastly, how far are you willing to drive for this camp?

All of these considerations will help you narrow down the many summer camp programs out there.  Since you now know what your needs are, let’s consider what your children might want.

Take a few minutes to talk with your children. Are your kids active? Do you want them to be active? Do they like being outdoors, animals, sports, electronics, science, coding, music, or theater? Maybe you’d like to find a program that offers an array of activities. 

Engaging your children in programs they have an interest in will be beneficial to both you and your camper.  Just like with school, kids are drawn to different subjects.  Finding a program that offers activities your child already shows an interest in can make the challenge of keeping your children entertained during the summer that much easier.

Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center - summer camps for kids in Sacramento

Programs like the Sunshine Summer Camp in Elk Grove CA offer 6 weeks of summer camp for ages 5-13. Swimming lessons and open swimming are daily activities. During other parts of the day, campers go to the park, take hikes, engage in indoor games and activities. A unique part of this specific program is 2 days during the week, special local kid-based businesses provide fun and one-of-a-kind activities. Think of it as an in-house field trip for the campers.

There are so many specialized camps in Sacramento that can fit your needs as well as give your kids an exciting outlet this summer. 

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