Whether you have just moved to the Bay Area, your dental insurance changed, or you’re dissatisfied with your child’s current dentist, we at Bay Area Kids Dentist in Morgan Hill are happy to serve you. We know that going to a new pediatric dentist in Morgan Hill isn’t easy for you or your child. If you’re a new parent, this may be your first experience with a dentist for children. Whatever your situation, we’re confident that your child will love being a patient here. Dr. Radwan opened Morgan Hill in 2010.  It is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Dr. Radwan and Dr. Metwally practice in Morgan Hill.  It has 3 open bay treatment chairs, and a private treatment room with 2 treatment chairs.  All chairs are equipped with in-ceiling Apple TVs where children can choose their own movie from a library of over 100 kids’ movies.