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Seasonal Latest

The Best 4th of July Sacramento Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained All Day

The 4th of July celebration in Sacramento wouldn’t be the same without annual parades, festivals, fireworks displays, and family-friendly events. This year, it’s going to... Read more

Things To Do Latest

15 FREE Things To Do in San Jose with Kids

Having fun doesn't have to cost a thing. And San Jose area's year-round good weather makes keeping kids entertained with many fun and free things... Read more

Education Latest

How Bedtime Stories Can Reinforce Literacy Skills in Children

One of the best ways to reinforce literacy skills in children at an early age is reading bedtime stories. Children will have the added advantage... Read more

Special Needs Latest

Why special needs parents should consider a CalABLE account

Special needs parents may discover that CalABLE or opening an ABLE account has investment answers for the financial security of a family member or an... Read more


Health Latest

Tips to Reduce Eye Strain from Distance Learning

Guest Post From: Eye Optics Optometry Center Tips to Reduce Eye Strain — Because of remote learning, students often spend more screen time that resulted... Read more

Parenting Latest

Funny Jokes for Kids

“Laughter is the best medicine,” as the saying goes. Sharing humor with your kids can help them be more resilient and lift their spirits during... Read more

Camps Latest

15 Summer Camps for Kids in San Jose

Summer is in full swing! It's time to find the best summer camps for kids in San Jose that will develop your child's growth as they try... Read more

Food Latest

Thanksgiving Tradition Makeover

Thanksgiving Tradition Makeover The countdown to Thanksgiving is officially on and with it comes the chaos of the holiday season. Thanksgiving tradition may be all... Read more


Outdoor Latest

Thanksgiving Tradition Makeover

Thanksgiving Tradition Makeover The countdown to Thanksgiving is officially on and with it comes the chaos of the holiday season. Thanksgiving tradition may be all... Read more

Solar Eclipse for Kids in Sacramento

Best Parks for Kids in Sacramento

Sports Latest

Indoor Rock Climbing’s Benefit for Kids

Indoor Rock Climbing’s Benefit for Kids: There has been a lot of research, and a lot has been written, about the physical, emotional, and even... Read more

Why Do Kids LOVE to Climb?


Best Places to see Santa in the Sacramento Area

Best Places to see Santa in Sacramento Ho Ho Ho… it’s that time of year! And while Santa is making his list and checking it twice, parents are dreading the... Read more

Pumpkin Patches in Sacramento Area

Pumpkin Patches in Sacramento October is right around the corner which means it’s almost time to dust off the Halloween decorations and plan a visit to one of the many... Read more

Virtual Summer Vacation for Kids | Visits to Zoos and Theme Parks

Can't travel this summer? Don't worry! Let's take you on a digital getaway to popular zoos and theme parks with our list of virtual summer vacations for kids. As restrictions... Read more

Summer Savings for Kids in Santa Clara County

Summer outings can cost a lot of money. Worry not! We've got some scoop of summer savings for kids in Santa Clara, where you can get big discounts and special... Read more

Summer Savings for Kids in Sacramento area

Summer activities are here! With the situation we are in, it's better to be wise and have summer savings for kids in Sacramento — big discounts and special offers are... Read more

Celebrate Father’s Day at Home | 20 Things to do with Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching! It's time to look for Father's day ideas that will not compromise CDC health guidelines. While we remain cautious with social gatherings, there are plenty... Read more

COVID-19 and Autism: Continuing to Struggle with the Emotional Impact

COVID-19 and autism - how children and teens with autism continue to struggle with emotional impact in the midst of the pandemic. Children and teens with autism are, without a... Read more

Virtual Tours for Kids When School is Out Due to COVID-19

When school is out due to the COVID-19 outbreak, kids spend more time at home and are bound to get bored. There are so many virtual tours for kids that... Read more

Indoor Activities For Kids When Schools are Closed

With the announcement of school closures throughout the greater Sacramento area due to the imminent threat of COVID-19, parents should teach their kids that staying at home isn't as bad... Read more

Coronavirus and Autism: When Your Childs School and Programs Are Closed

Parents everywhere are struggling with how to get through the day with their child with autism, now that schools and programs are closed due to the coronavirus. What seemed like... Read more