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Our 10 Favorite Indoor Play Areas in Los Angeles for Kids

Bring the fun indoors away from the summer heat by heading to one of these favorite indoor play areas for kids in Los Angeles! Playing is highly essential for kids to keep them active, stay fit, and have fun. And while kids could just play in the park, there are…

Things To Do with Kids in New York

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Best Summer Movies for Kids to Watch on Netflix

Grab the popcorn and call the family down to the TV room — here are the best movies for kids to watch on Netflix this summer! Summer isn’t just made for holiday vacations, summer camps, beach days, or simply spending lots of time in the sun. The summer months are…

Camps Latest

10 Summer Camp Essentials for Kids — The Ultimate Packing List

Get your packing list ready and keep your little ones excited with these summer camp essentials for kids! This year’s summer camp season is just around the corner! Perhaps, you’ve already picked a summer camp for your kids, so now it’s time to prepare for their needs. Depending on the…

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6 Tips to keep kids mentally engaged over the Summer

How Well Will Your Kid’s Brain Be Working by The End of Summer? For students of all ages, summer break can’t get here fast enough! While kids may be ready for a vacation—a change of pace—the opposite is true for their brains. The brain never gets tired of doing the…

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Benefits of Online Tutoring For Kids

Learning has evolved from chalkboards and notebooks to tablets and laptops. With online tutoring for kids, it can help boost confidence, improve performance at school, and build essential learning skills for your child's academic success. Online tutoring for kids can be beneficial for many reasons. It can save parents money and…

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Tips to Reduce Eye Strain from Distance Learning

Guest Post From: Eye Optics Optometry Center Tips to Reduce Eye Strain — Because of remote learning, students often spend more screen time that resulted in eye strain from distance learning. In the current distance learning model in many school districts, a huge portion of our young people is often…

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Best Kid-Friendly Beaches in Los Angeles

Soak up the sun and splash in the waves at the best kid-friendly beaches in Los Angeles to kick off the summer months! A family beach outing is a perfect way to embrace the summer season. Kids love swimming in the waters, building sandcastles, and playing on the shores, while…

Best Kid-Friendly Parks in Los Angeles

Sports Latest

Indoor Rock Climbing’s Benefit for Kids

IndIndoor rock climbing is an awesome activity for kids and it’s easy to get started! There has been a lot of research, and a lot has been written, about the physical, emotional, and even spiritual benefits of indoor rock climbing for kids.  (Learn More Here)  We know it may be…

Special Needs Latest

Biomedical Treatment and Therapy – Options for Enhancing Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder

This article is provided for information only and is not be construed as an endorsement, as medical advice, or as a referral. Pursuing biomedical treatments and therapies for a person on the autism spectrum should be done under the guidance of a trusted healthcare professional. Parents are encouraged to educate…