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Our blog presents a spotlight on every phase of your child’s growth. Through our blog, we support parents in San Jose by providing guidance on the activities and things to do for kids along with encouraging parents to indulge with their children in play.

15 Best Indoor Play Areas for Kids in San Jose

Unpredictable weather can be a bummer when kids are itching to play outside. Let your little ones run, bounce, climb, and get all their wiggles out at these top indoor play areas for kids in San Jose! It's no secret that kids have tons of energy to play! They need…

Parenting Latest

Best Summer Movies for Kids to Watch on Netflix (2023)

Grab the popcorn and call the family down to the TV room — here are the best movies for kids to watch on Netflix this summer! Summer isn’t just made for holiday vacations, summer camps, beach days, or simply spending lots of time in the sun. The summer months are…

Education Latest

Our 10 Best Private Preschools in San Jose

A quality early childhood education activates the child's natural desire to learn. Find the best private preschools in San Jose that will suit the specific learning needs of your child. Preschool, also known as nursery school or pre-k, is crucial for the early stage development of a child. These are…

15 Best Charter Schools in San Jose

Homeschooling – A Second Look

5 Tips for Families who Homeschool

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Christmas Tree Farms Near San Jose to Visit this Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is here, it’s time to hit the road for a day trip with your kids and the whole family to find the best Christmas tree farms near San Jose. Once Thanksgiving leftovers are put away, the Christmas season officially begins. One family tradition you'll never…

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10 Best Sports Activities in San Jose for Kids

Kids need to stay active, sporty, and happy. Get your kids started in any sports activities and enroll them in one of the best sports programs or classes in San Jose! Playing sports is an integral part of a child’s life. But living in the digital era, most kids nowadays…

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Tips to Reduce Eye Strain from Distance Learning

Guest Post From: Eye Optics Optometry Center Tips to Reduce Eye Strain — Because of remote learning, students often spend more screen time that resulted in eye strain from distance learning. In the current distance learning model in many school districts, a huge portion of our young people is often…

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Best Places to See Holiday and Christmas Lights in San Jose

Let the festive spirit of the season be upon us. Light up the night with these magical holiday and Christmas Lights displays in San Jose! We just love everything about the holiday season — the religious and multicultural celebrations, the Christmas decorations, and the starry lights that light up everywhere…

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Best Fruit Picking With Kids in San Jose

Nothing screams summer more than going on an adventure fruit picking with kids in San Jose. There is no shortage of U-Pick farms to take home some hearty supply of fresh produce, from cherries and berries to peaches and apricots! San Jose fruit picking is a fun activity with kids…

Special Needs Latest

Biomedical Treatment and Therapy – Options for Enhancing Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder

This article is provided for information only and is not be construed as an endorsement, as medical advice, or as a referral. Pursuing biomedical treatments and therapies for a person on the autism spectrum should be done under the guidance of a trusted healthcare professional. Parents are encouraged to educate…

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15 Summer Camps for Kids in San Jose

This summer, let's bring the world of fun and adventure to your child. It’s time to find the best summer camps for kids in San Jose! San Jose is home to many summer camps for kids that will develop your child's growth by engaging in some learning and physical activities…