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15 Best Indoor Play Areas for Kids in San Jose

Unpredictable weather can be a bummer when kids are itching to play outside. Let your little ones run, bounce, climb and get all their wiggles out at these top indoor play areas for kids in San Jose! It's no secret that kids have tons of energy to play! They need…

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Parenting Latest

Best Funny Jokes for Kids

“Laughter is the best medicine,” as the saying goes. Sharing humor with your kids can help them be more resilient and lift their spirits during these crazy times. [google_ads no=1]We’ve been through a lot for the past year since the pandemic, especially for kids. In a situation like this, humor…

Education Latest

15 Best Charter Schools in San Jose

Charter schools are a big part of the nation’s education agenda. It provides a more independent, quality schooling institution within the district it settles. Residents must acknowledge charter schools in San Jose, and even supported! Independent group operates San Jose charter schools, usually consisting of teaching officials, parents, or other…

Benefits of Online Tutoring For Kids

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7 Ways to Teach Your Child to Read Quickly

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Top 20 Best Family-Friendly Ski Resorts for Kids near Santa Clara County

Temps are dropping and skiing season in 2022 is here! Load the whole family into the car and drive 3 to 5 hours away to go to any of these family-friendly ski resorts for kids near Santa Clara County. This winter season, one of the fun things to do in…

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10 Best Sports Activities in San Jose for Kids

Kids need to stay active, sporty, and happy. Get your kids started in any sports activities and enroll them in one of the best sports programs or classes in San Jose! Playing sports is an integral part of a child’s life. But living in the digital era, most kids nowadays…

Health Latest

Tips to Reduce Eye Strain from Distance Learning

Guest Post From: Eye Optics Optometry Center Tips to Reduce Eye Strain — Because of remote learning, students often spend more screen time that resulted in eye strain from distance learning. In the current distance learning model in many school districts, a huge portion of our young people is often…

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Discover the Best Pumpkin Patches in San Jose

Explore these great pumpkin patches in San Jose and get ready to carve your pumpkins this Fall season because you deserve a happy Halloween! The fall season comes in October in San Jose, so it’s the beginning of the festive time of the year to prepare for Halloween – and…

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Best Fruit Picking With Kids in San Jose

Nothing screams summer more than going on an adventure fruit picking with kids in San Jose. There is no shortage of U-Pick farms to take home some hearty supply of fresh produce, from cherries and berries to peaches and apricots! San Jose fruit picking is a fun activity with kids…

Special Needs Latest

Biomedical Treatment and Therapy – Options for Enhancing Health in Autism Spectrum Disorder

This article is provided for information only and is not be construed as an endorsement, as medical advice, or as a referral. Pursuing biomedical treatments and therapies for a person on the autism spectrum should be done under the guidance of a trusted healthcare professional. Parents are encouraged to educate…

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10 Summer Camp Essentials for Kids — The Ultimate Packing List

Get your packing list ready and keep your little ones excited with these summer camp essentials for kids! This year’s summer camp season is just around the corner! Perhaps, you’ve already picked a summer camp for your kids, so now it’s time to prepare for their needs. Depending on the…