Back to School Checklist
August 10, 2019


Before School Starts—This back to school checklist will help you as you prepare your kids to head back to class by re-introducing successful schoolyear habits!

  • Re-introduce bedtimes and wake-up times.
    WHY? Poor sleep habits can have an impact on how students perform in class. The sooner that students (of all ages) are on a sleep schedule, the less likely there will be morning—and evening—rushes.

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  • Make sure children are reading and/or writing a little everyday.
    WHY? Reading and writing daily maintains school skills such as penmanship and vocabulary. It keeps the brain sharp and gets the mind working!
  • Make sure children are reading and/or writing a little everyday.
    WHY? Reading and writing daily maintains school skills such as penmanship and vocabulary. It keeps the brain sharp and gets the mind working! 
  • Limit screen time during after-school hours.
    WHY? When school is in session, the afterschool hours should be reserved for homework or extra-curricular activities. The sooner that kids turn off the TV and turn on their minds during this time frame, the less of a hassle homework will be.
  • Play board games to challenge the mind during what will become the homework hour.
    WHY? When school’s in, kids have homework. So it just makes sense that they are in the habit of using their brains during the afterschool hours.
  • Get alarm clocks for children who can tell time.
    WHY? Time management and organization are necessary skills, and alarm clocks help kids take ownership of their activities in the rushed mornings.
  • Buy a family wall calendar if you don’t already have one. If you do, hang it in a visible location.
    WHY? A wall calendar is a great organizational tool. Have kids write down their commitments—soccer, dance class, birthday parties, etc. When school starts, include standardized testing, big projects, and vacation days.
  • Start having kids select their clothes the night before.
    WHY? Minimize school-day morning rushes and last-minute scrambles. Picking out clothes is a great way to develop organizational habits.
  • Begin talking about returning to school.
    WHY? The transition back to class can be difficult. Preparation is key. Talking about the upcoming school year can help kids manage expectations. Start counting down the days together.
  • Take a tour of the school if going to a new school.
    WHY? School—especially a new one—can be intimidating. Knowing the way around helps to lessen school-related anxiety and boost confidence. Find out teachers’ names, and be sure to take notice of bathrooms locations!
  • Review last year’s report card.
    WHY? Unless problems were addressed over the summer, it’s likely that they will return again this year. Remind yourself of weak areas so that you are not taken by surprise. Make a plan to address problems early on.
  • Buy new school supplies.
    WHY? New supplies hold a certain magic for getting kids excited about hearing the bell ring again.

Have you got a perfect score for this Back to School Checklist?

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