How Coding Develops Kids Creativity
May 21, 2019

Coding teaches kids to discover new things and become creative problem solvers!

The benefits of coding have been made quite visible and these benefits are rapidly increasing as more people are beginning to experiment through coding, but how can coding develops kids creativity? Can it unlock your child’s creativity? What good will it be to the creativity of a child aged 7 to 13?

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Most parents think a child’s creativity is in his/her ability to draw, paint, or create amazing things with LEGO blocks. The truth is that creativity goes beyond that. Learning how to code can develop a child’s creativity in a lot of ways because coding is not about maths or the strings & variables, coding is all about creativity.

There are a million and one applications and software in the world but the most downloaded/bought games or mobile phone applications are the easiest to use. They are the most downloaded because these apps offer something that others don’t. This is an obvious reason why it is a simple game of creativity, and the best thing is that kids can move from a no creativity level to a facebook-inventing level of creativity through coding. Here are a few ways how learning to code develops kids’ creativity.

1. Programming/Coding Strengthens Brain Thinking

One of the benefits of coding is that it helps develop a child’s creativity by strengthening brain thinking because it is like a problem that requires a solution, and thinking is the only way the solution to the problem can be solved. This helps children think faster and better as coding requires thinking for providing a solution to problems.

Idea development requires a lot of thinking and kids think more to unlock their creativity. Everyone knows that a good idea makes a good app/software, so coding develops creativity in kids by strengthening brain thinking for idea development and problem-solving solutions.

2. Coding Teaches Kids To Experiment

Programming is about thinking and executing ideas developed. The thinking phase is the easy but boring part while the execution phase is the fun part. This is the phase in which kids make mistakes and learn from them, and experimenting is a major part of the execution phase as kids can try different things to solve problems and this digs up their “creative nuggets”, super cool huh? Experimenting is a vital part of coding and kids become really creative through this fun process.

Coding Teaches Kids To Experiment

3. Confidence And Motivation To Create

Kids love technological gadgets and most kids prefer to play a game on a computer than to read a book. This is why kids can spend a lot of time gaming than creating important things, but coding provides the perfect balance between creating and playing. This makes it fun and motivates kids to create games and applications while coding. It also boosts their confidence to create as they believe the product of their time will be something they can smile about.

“Coding for kids should be introduced as young as possible. Not only does it teach skills that will be immediately relevant in tomorrow’s job market, it helps strengthen skills in a number of corollary areas such as math, reading, spelling, and problem-solving. Later on it will help kids develop skills in geometry, trigonometry, statistics, data analysis, physics, and more.” according to David Dodge, CEO of Codakid.

Develop Creativity Through Coding

Most people will agree that coding is the language of the present and the future because there will be more technological inventions and kids that can code have a higher chance to create things because coding is a process that leads to a result.

Kids should be taught programming because it develops and nurtures creativity from experimenting, thinking and motivation, nurture the creativity of kids you know by teaching them how to code right now!

coding develops kids creativity
For a local children coding facility, check out Code Ninja in Elk Grove has a huge resource of tutoring providers. To find out more, visit the Tutoring Category. You can also read more of the Education Category blog post.

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