Work, School, Life: How to keep your family sane at home during the Pandemic
September 9, 2020

How to Balance Family Routine From Work School Life During Covid-19 Pandemic?

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread across the US, many families are starting to reach the end of their rope. Before all this, going to work or school was a natural, built-in break from one another. It’s not that we don’t love our family members – of course, we do – however, we need time apart to keep our heads on straight. 

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With work and school both in part or completely remote for many families, many are starting to feel the strain. Here are a few tips for helping your whole family balance work and life during the Covid-19 pandemic: 

Maintain a Routine | Work, School, Life 

Our minds love normalcy: Keep a regular schedule to reduce stress. Children especially need a routine as this is how they learn to rely on the world around them. Be gentle on yourself, however, if things don’t go according to plan every day.

  • Start your day with a group activity, such as eating breakfast together. 
  • Better yet, cook breakfast together. This is an excellent time to bond and helps them understand math and science concepts they may be working on at school. 
  • If your children are doing virtual school, help them establish and stick to their daily schedule. Even if your school has a login system, it may not hurt to take attendance yourself. A quick sticker chart is a great way for younger children to clarify and quantify days and times when they are supposed to be working on schoolwork.
  • Set boundaries for your own schedule – use closed doors and other signals to help children understand when you need quiet or privacy. 
  • Set specific markers during the day for when you will leave your office space to check on the kids. This might be in between assignments, for example, or it every 15 minutes past the hour.
  • Avoid working late whenever possible.
balance work school life - family routine during COVID-19 pandemic

Create Separation 

Everyone needs time alone to recharge. And there is nothing wrong with feeling and expressing this need. It’s healthy for everyone to spend some time apart.

  • Help your child create a study zone where they can do their school work. 
  • Design a dedicated workspace so you can focus during work hours.
  • Spend some time outside each morning and afternoon. Schedule breaks for yourself and encourage the other members of your household to do the same. Something as simple as standing on the deck and the sun for five minutes alone can help you reboot and reorganize your mind to tackle the rest of the day.
  • If your kids are old enough, encourage them to go on solo walks around the neighborhood to get some time outside. 

Facilitate Success 

Work, school, life at home is tough: Everyone needs a win right now. It’s difficult, that’s for sure, but it is not impossible for everyone in the family to complete their goals.

  • Avoid watching TV or other distracting uses of screens during the work/school day. 
  • Invest in a good mobile network so you can stay productive on the go. 
  • Talk about your struggles. Let your children know that it’s okay to have days when they slip. No one is perfect, after all, and handling all functions of life from home continues to be a learning curve for most of us.
  • Consider getting your child a laptop to help them get their work done. 
  • Make sure your kids take plenty of breaks during the day, including exercise. 
  • Learn all about safe, fun, and appropriate local attractions at

Families are facing huge challenges right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, and this can cause major stress. With the right techniques, however, you can help your family make the most of this moment. Adaptability is a skill your family will carry with them their whole life long: Foster it now, and you’ll reap the rewards. 

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Parents Love Browsing Our Kid’s Events

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