25 Best Private High Schools in Sacramento Area
November 4, 2021

Parents always want the best education for their kids, and for some, enrolling them in private high schools in Sacramento can lead their children to success.

The transition from middle school to high school is important for parents as they prepare their children for a big step higher. As parents, it is essential to help prepare their kids for this change. And as for most students, moving to secondary school can pose some challenges adjusting to the new environment, new classes, new classmates, new teachers, new routines, and new ways of thinking and learning.

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Although young teens want independence at this stage, parental involvement is still an important element for their academic success. Parents want to see their kids succeed academically and some would consider private high schools in Sacramento the best way to achieve that.

“According to The Condition of Education 2001, from the National Center for Education Statistics, “Private high schools typically have more demanding graduation requirements than do public high schools. Compared with public schools, private schools required more coursework (in 4-year high school programs).”

private high schools in Sacramento - education

Are private high schools in Sacramento right for your children? This is one of the most important questions Sacramento parents are asked when choosing whether to send their children to a private or public school. While public schools do an excellent job in educating their students, private school students are more likely to be challenged to a higher academic standard and they have greater access to teachers with a more dedicated staff focused on college admissions.

Admission to private high schools in Sacramento can be competitive and finding a school that is a perfect fit for your child is a daunting task. If you do decide to pursue private school Sacramento for your child but don’t really know where to start, let us help you find a school that incorporates many of your own values into its everyday curriculum. Here, we have chosen our top 25 private high schools in Sacramento.

1. Capital Christian School
9470 Micron Ave., Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone Number: (916) 856-5600

CCS Sacramento - education

Capital Christian School is one of the top private high schools in Sacramento. They are committed to growing their students spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. CCS provides a state-of-the-art campus on the 63 acres of Capital Christian Center Church. This includes some of the best athletic facilities in Northern California, as well as 6 science labs, 4 technology labs, and a Performing Arts Center.

They have highly qualified faculty that maintain academic quality while integrating faith and learning to ensure an environment in which students can pursue a great education with an emphasis on discipleship. CCS is a community of families that participate in the lives of their children while allowing their students to grow and to seek God first. Over 90% of CCS graduates go on to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation.

2. Almondale Academy
8616 Greenback Ln., Orangevale, CA 95662
Phone Number: (916) 988-8611

Almondale Academy - Private High Schools in Sacramento

Almondale is a unique and innovative private school that combines the structure and expertise of academia with the openness and ease of the student directiveness of homeschool. They provide a caring, yet dynamic environment where educators engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection. Virtues, ethics, and genuine respect for each individual are their foundation stones. Positive discipline is utilized in assisting students to work and play harmoniously together.

Almondale’s experiential approach includes traditional CA standards-based, project-based education, outdoor and environmental learning, weekly off-campus expeditions, and service-learning in multi-age classrooms. Being one of the top private high schools in Sacramento, they draw on the best practices of leading research to help expand knowledge, develop the essential skills to navigate an ever-changing world, and contribute in a meaningful way to one’s environment.

3. Sacramento Country Day School
2636 Latham Dr., Sacramento, CA 95864
Phone Number: (916) 481-8811

Sacramento Country Day School - Private High Schools in Sacramento

Sacramento Country Day is an independent, coeducational school providing a dynamic, holistic, and academically challenging environment for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade. They inspire intellectual discovery and engage a diverse community to think critically, live creatively, and act compassionately each and every day.

Sacramento Country Day encourages its students to develop the full range of their intellectual, physical, creative, social, and moral capabilities. In addition, they cultivate the habits and skills that will enable them to lead fulfilling lives. They do that by providing a wide range of activities in and outside the school.

4. Jesuit High School
1200 Jacob Ln.,  Carmichael, CA 95608
Phone Number: (916) 482-6060

Jesuit High School Sacramento - Private High Schools in Sacramento

Jesuit High School (JHS) is a Sacramento regional Catholic high school that provides students with a life-building experience and delivers an academically rigorous college-preparatory education to prepare graduates for lives of leadership and service. The educational philosophy of Jesuit High School is based on a faith response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is formed by Ignatius of Loyola’s vision of Christ and the world.

Founded in 1963, JHS currently has an enrollment of nearly 1070. The student body represents diversity in geography, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic background. Their role is to help students realize the fullness of their spiritual, intellectual, artistic, physical, and social potential.

5. St. Francis Catholic High School
5900 Elvas Ave., Sacramento, CA 95819-2108
Phone Number: (916) 452-3461

St. Francis Catholic High School - Private High Schools in Sacramento

St. Francis High School is committed to preparing all of its students for life-long learning. The school provides a strong college-preparatory academic environment. The unique learning environment and community at St. Francis High School allows young women to take center stage and encourages them to develop their own interests.

St. Francis is committed to integrating faith into the learning process, promoting the gospel values of Jesus Christ, building community, and providing opportunities for worship. Their safe and nurturing environment teaches girls to value themselves and their futures. University professors say they always identify a girls’ school graduate for her confidence and assertiveness. 

6. Christian Brothers High School
4315 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95820
Phone Number: (916) 733-3600

Christian Brothers High School -  Private High Schools in Sacramento

As an important aspect of Christian Brother’s curriculum, technology facilitates learning, enhances relevance, helps individualize instruction, and inspires active, constructivist, learner-centered teaching. By facilitating necessary skills including collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity, the Christian Brothers community utilizes technology to enhance instruction, promote life-long thinking, learning, and communication skills necessary for success in a global community.

7.   Sacramento Waldorf School
3750 Bannister Rd., Fair Oaks, CA, 95628
Phone Number: (916) 961-3900

Sacramento Waldorf School -  Private High Schools in Sacramento

Creating a love for learning, a depth of understanding, and a strong sense of self-esteem is the main goal of this private high school. Sacramento Waldorf School provides an education that honors the developmental stages of childhood, builds confidence, connection, and purpose, and prepares students to realize their full potential as free human beings.

This is among the private high schools in Sacramento that offer a comprehensive and well-rounded inter-disciplinary curriculum that is permeated with arts, music, sciences, and foreign language.

8. Al-Arqam Islamic School and College Preparatory
6990 65th St., Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone Number: (916) 391-3333

Al-Arqam Islamic School and College Preparatory -  Private High Schools in Sacramento

Al-Arqam’s mission is to teach and nurture the “whole” child—intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and to instill in each student the principles of submission to the will of Allah as an essential element in achieving personal and academic excellence. They offer an academic curriculum that adheres to California State Content Standards for Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Arts, Technology, and Physical Education. Students, beginning in Kindergarten, also study Arabic as a second language.

9. Woodland Christian School
1787 Matmor Rd., Woodland, CA 95776
Phone Number:  (530) 406-8800

Woodland Christian School - Private High Schools in Sacramento

Woodland Christian School has been providing quality education to the community since 1974. They are dually accredited by ACSI and WASC. Their administrator claimed that it is a privilege to educate the students within their school and they are committed to providing excellent academic, athletic, and fine arts programs.

They want their graduates to reflect on the love and support they would find in the school’s teachers, coaches, principals, and community. Of all private high schools in Sacramento, WCS welcomes visitors to their campus to see firsthand the difference they are making in the lives of their students and their families.

10. Sacramento Adventist Academy
5601 Winding Way, Carmichael, CA   95608
Phone Number: (916) 481-2300

Sacramento Adventist Academy - Private High Schools in Sacramento

Sacramento Adventist serves its purpose as an accredited high school and Seventh-day Adventist community. It is one of the above-average private high schools in Sacramento that is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

SAA offers opportunities for students to develop their knowledge, skills, and spiritual life. Its faculty and staff work to provide a strong understanding of the Bible as well as tools to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers. They also provide a value-centered Christian education in an environment of academic excellence.

11.   Bradshaw Christian School
8324 Bradshaw Rd., Sacramento, CA 95829
Phone Number: (916) 525-4550

Bradshaw Christian School - Private High Schools in Sacramento

The school began as a “country preschool” of three students and today has grown to be a well-respected preschool through high school with an enrollment of 1,100, serving the greater Sacramento area. The mission of BCS is to glorify God through the training and nurturing of students in their spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development.

This is achieved through a Christ-centered education based on biblical truth, which leads to the formation of the character of God within. God’s character imparts wisdom, knowledge, and love, helping the school community develop a worldview that will impact the world for Christ.

12. Cristo Rey Sacramento High School
8475 Jackson Rd., Sacramento CA 95826
Phone Number: (916) 733-2660

Cristo Rey Sacramento High School -  Private High Schools in Sacramento - education

Cristo Rey High School is one of the Catholic-run private high schools in Sacramento rooted in the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). This fully accredited, college preparatory high school offers a focused curriculum designed to support students not only in being accepted to college but also in a good spiritual transformation. Cristo Rey meets the University of California requirements A-G.

Across the United States, the Cristo Rey Network provides a quality, Catholic, college-preparatory education to 9,600 urban young people who live in communities with limited educational options. Most of the students qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program. All students who attend Cristo Rey schools pay approximately 60% of their own education costs through a unique work-study program that provides them with meaningful employment in the community for all four years of their high school experience.

13. Valley Christian Academy
301 W. Whyte Ave., Roseville, CA 95678
Phone Number: (916) 728-5500

Valley Christian Academy - Private High Schools in Sacramento  - education

Valley Christian provides excellence in education in a nurturing, Christ-centered, and grace-oriented environment. This non-denominational school focus on Christian character building, teaching young people to know the Lord, love the Lord, and want to obey the Lord and His word.

VCA’s school mission is to challenge, motivate, and inspire students to grow in Christian character and to become equipped to be loving, responsible adults who will have a positive impact upon themselves, their families, their community, and to God. Valley Christian Academy received full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in July 2010.

14.   Freedom Christian School
7736 Sunset Ave., Fair Oaks CA 95628
Phone Number: (888) 317-1228

FCS - education

Serving the Sacramento area since 1982, FCS‘s asset is technological advancement and the inter-disciplinary, biblically-integrated curriculum. It is one of those private high schools in Sacramento that is committed to providing a biblically-based, academically excellent education in a nurturing, family environment so its students can effectively accomplish the purpose for which they were created and impact the world for Christ. 

High school class listings include innovative and challenging courses (such as creative writing, journalism, speech, drama, art, sign language, computer technology, physical education, apologetics, logic and ethics, critical thinking, Spanish, music, chemistry, physics, and advanced mathematics courses) in all subject areas to prepare graduates for college.

15. Capital Innovations Academy
1828 Tribute Rd., Suite H, Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone Number: (530) 400-7619

C.I. Academy - education

By promoting hands-on activities and experiences, C.I. Academy students learn to embrace the world as a plethora of knowledge to explore and discover. This school strives to promote problem-solving behaviors and actions that only real experiences can give to enhance their student’s abilities to find solutions in Life and in the job market.

A child’s education should be more than just learning basic facts. Capital Innovations Academy strives to show young minds how to be objective, inquisitive, and free-thinking. Education is about understanding, shaping, and reinventing their own education, as well as discovering, designing, and producing new and exciting innovations via Arts & Sciences.

16. Jim Elliot Christian High School
2695 W. Vine St., Lodi, CA 95242
Phone Number: (209) 368-2800

Jim Elliot - education

Jim Elliot Christian High School is a discipleship school that partners with parents providing excellence in Christian Education. The Christian point-of-view is evident in all disciplines of the school to achieve significant growth, excellence in academics, education, and social interaction that will develop knowledge and allow students to mature in their faith. They also engage their students in athletics and extracurricular activities. Jim Elliot is fully ACSI and WASC accredited.

17. Forest Lake Christian School
12515 Combie Rd., Auburn, CA 95602
Phone Number: (530) 269-1540

FLCS  - education

Founded in 1966, FLCS is one of the leading college preparatory private high schools in Sacramento and focuses on the development of each student by providing opportunities for growth through leadership, spiritual development, outreach, and extensive co-curricular programs.

Forest Lake Christian School provides an education based upon the truth of God’s word so that students are able to discern right thinking and action from a Biblical worldview and are thereby empowered for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, moral integrity, and intellectual growth.

18. Calvary Christian School
4911 47th Ave., Sacramento, CA 95824
Phone Number: (916) 393-3633

Calvary Christian - education

Calvary Christian School provides a great team of administrators, teachers, workers, pastors, and parents dedicated to preparing students for a life that is fulfilling and pleasing to Jesus Christ. They endeavor to provide a Christian environment that will promote academic and personal excellence.

CCS is committed to providing each student with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, confidence, and self-esteem, to continuously develop as an individual, maintain a productive work life, and cooperatively participate in a democratic society as an effective and informed citizen.


19. Pine Hills Adventist Academy
13500 Richards Ln., Auburn, CA 95603-9071
Phone Number: (530) 885-9447

Pine Hills - education

This school’s curriculum involves application and higher-order thinking skills which help to prepare their students to compete academically, with annual standardized test scores at the 90th percentile. Pine Hills Adventist Academy provides a value-centered Christian education in an environment of academic excellence. They value students as an individual and develop their confidence to face an uncertain world, discipline to build strong character, and strength to overcome adversity.

20. River Valley School
451 Park Fair Dr., Ste 5, Sacramento, CA 95864
Phone Number: (916) 483-8575

River Valley - education

River Valley School’s highly structured yet flexible approach to learning achieves success through personal one-on-one instruction to build the confidence and self-esteem that can come only from achievement.  The fully accredited, challenging program has been proven successful with nearly all levels of students from those not yet reaching their potential to college prep students taking advanced education college classes while still in high school. 

The curriculum meets or exceeds the course content and requirements set out by the State of California in the Model Curriculum Standards guide.  No other school teaches parents and students how to work together to build “learning teams” that support academics at home.  For over 20 years, River Valley School has been providing highly individualized programs which include private tutoring Sacramento. You’ve read it right. They offer one-on-one sessions for students to review their homework and receive tutoring as needed.

21. Victory Christian Schools
3045 Garfield Ave., Carmichael, CA 95608
Phone Number: (916) 488-5601

Victory Christian - education

This evangelical, non-denominational Christian school serves the greater Sacramento region since 1963. Victory Christian Schools teaches Biblical truths & offers academic knowledge essential for building positive life skills. It is their calling to disciple young people to follow the Word of God, exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. Victory Christian believes that all of life’s successes, academic or otherwise, stem from the development of a dynamic relationship with God and reliance on His plan for one’s life.

22. Cornerstone Christian School
5073 Andrea Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95842
Phone Number: (916) 334-6236

Cornerstone Christian - education

This independent, non-denominational school is dedicated to the principles of Scripture as they pertain to education, family, and the Great Commission. Cornerstone strives to develop well-rounded students who think biblically and are academically prepared to become the godly leaders of tomorrow. Their mission is to work with like-minded Christian parents to educate their children with love and mercy in a godly environment that emphasizes a rigorously biblical curriculum, Christian character training, and college-preparatory academics. It is their goal to raise up strong Christian leaders who will proclaim God’s word to this generation and apply it faithfully to every sphere of life.

23. Wilton Christian School
9697 Dillard Rd., Wilton, CA 95693
Phone Number: (916) 687-7693

Wilton Christian - education

This Christian private high school is dedicated to educating the whole child and preparing their students for lives of faith in God, integrity, leadership, and service to others. WCS is fully accredited grades K-12 by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

At Wilton Christian School, education is tailored to each student, helping them to reach and stretch beyond their potential. The staff and curriculum faithfully lead and guide each student through Biblical teaching, training, and character building.

24. Grace Family Christian School
7031 Watt Ave., Carmichael, CA 95660
Phone Number: (916) 239-2239

Grace Family Christian - education

Grace Family Christian School is committed to providing a biblically-based, academically excellent education in a nurturing, family environment so its students can effectively accomplish the purpose for which they were created and impact the world for Christ.

They believe that education is the process of developing a person spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically through understanding and applying truth. They believe that the Bible is the foundation of learning and that the school does not take the place of parent and church nurturing but works with the parents together to complete the growing process in a child’s life.

25. Trinity Christian School
5225 Hillsdale Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95842
Phone Number: (916) 331-7377

TCS - education

Trinity Christian School exists to help fulfill the God-given responsibility of parents to train their children in a manner that is based upon scriptural principles and to reflect credit upon the cause of Christ. The school is a ministry of Trinity Life Center, for its members and those whose philosophy is harmonious with the schools.

TCS exists to educate and train children in a safe, loving, and structured Christian environment. Teachers work together with parents, preparing children to live godly, obedient lives by the light of God’s Word.

top private high schools - education

Attending top private high schools in Sacramento can provide a solid foundation to aid students’ entry into first-rate colleges. And as parents, we are always looking for trustworthy learning institutions for our children’s future.

With our top 25 list, you will never run out of options to choose the best school for your children seeking a high-quality education. Just be sure to choose a school according to your child’s interests and needs.

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Looking for more school resources for kids around the Sacramento area? Browse through our schools and activities page. If you’re even more curious and seeking to learn more information about school kids’ topics, tips, and guides, check out our education-related blog posts.

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