Best Sports Activities in Fresno for Kids
April 9, 2024

Get your kids up and moving with our list of sports activities in Fresno that offers classes and programs for all ages and skill levels!

Getting your kids to participate in sports is the best way to improve their physical well-being. It also goes beyond exercising and burning off energy – sports teach kids teamwork and good sportsmanship and learn how practice can make progress. So, get your kids up and moving by signing up for one of the best sports activities in Fresno that offers age-appropriate classes and programs in a safe environment!

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Fresno is a refreshing mixture of urban and outdoor adventures that is an ideal spot for sports activities, especially for kids. With its mild weather all year round, kids can enjoy the outdoors and engage in different sports together, instilling a healthy, active lifestyle at an early stage. There are so many fun activities for kids to explore in Fresno to get them to try sports classes and programs and discover new skills.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get your kids started in sports, look no further. We have put together the best sports activities for kids in Fresno to make your search easier. From baseball to soccer, tennis, gymnastics, fencing, water polo, and everything in between, you can find suitable sports classes and programs for your kiddos – combining exercise with fun!

Best Sports Activities in Fresno for Kids

Best Sports Activities for Kids in Fresno

ALBION Juniors Soccer Program

1486 Tollhouse Rd., Ste. 103, Clovis, CA 93611
Phone Number: (559) 322-1797

The ALBION JUNIORS Development Program for the Junior Player is designed to allow your child to build a solid foundation in technical development in the very early years of playing and enjoying the game of soccer. ALBION JUNIORS program is an introductory and advanced path for 3—7 aged soccer players. They have expanded the Juniors program to include players ages 8-14.

This design facilitates developmental progression recommended by the United States Soccer Federation and the US Youth Soccer Association. The uniqueness of their program is that they have devised an In-House, non-travel program professionally coached and organized for ages 3-14-year-olds. They are committed to providing youth soccer players with a fun, educational, and progressive experience.

Break the Barriers

8555 N Cedar Ave., Fresno, CA 93720
Phone Number: (559) 432-6292

When Steve and Deby observed community dance studios, gyms, self-defense classes, and baton twirling studios, they saw an overwhelming need for a program that integrated students and helped them learn from each other. The Hergenrader’s inclusive sports, performing arts, and educational classes allowed students to learn together, resulting in barriers tumbling down.

Students of all abilities found common ground and accomplished more than they ever believed possible. With performances, assemblies, conferences, workshops, and clinics, Break the Barriers will promote integrated sports, health and fitness, performing arts, and education programs. In just one year, classes grew to two hundred students, ages three years old to adult.

Fresno Dolphins Swim Team

5445 N Palm Ave., Fresno, CA 93704

The Fresno Dolphins Swim Team is a full-spectrum age group and senior aquatics team supported by the Fresno Dolphins Swim Team Booster Club and affiliated with USA Swimming, Inc. and USA Water Polo. They provide coaching and programs encouraging young people to reach their full potential in competitive swimming and water polo. The swimming classes and sports activities for kids are held at both the Bullard High School and San Joaquin Memorial in Fresno.

The Junior Water Polo Program is for players who are going into 3rd through 8th grades. This program allows kids to learn one of the most exciting, fast-moving Olympic sports from the ground up. Water polo has been compared to soccer in water. Kids will learn movement through the water, defensive skills and positioning, ball handling, passing, shooting, and offensive positioning will be the emphasis of this program.

Fresno Fencing Academy

5717 N 1st St., Fresno, CA 93710
Phone Number: (559) 224-1910

Students at the Fresno Fencing Club begin with an introductory course where they learn the basic techniques and rules of the sport. Fencing etiquette and safety are stressed as beginners familiarize themselves with each sword style. The next step is choosing a weapon and training with other fencers in one of the scheduled classes. Individual and group lessons can be scheduled throughout the day.

Once the introductory class is complete, you will have more opportunities to fence by joining the club in their Beginning Fencing program. Armed with confidence and the introductory knowledge you have learned, you are now ready for the more advanced group lesson setting. Whether for recreation, or Olympic aspirations, Fresno Fencing Club is the place to begin!

Fresno Karate

Fresno Kenpo Karate

5351 N Blackstone Ave., Ste. E, Fresno, CA 93710
Phone Number: (559) 304-5670

Martial arts classes benefit far beyond the dojo and in many real-world scenarios. Fresno Kenpo Karate’s structured classes are meant to help develop coordination, physical fitness, and mental strength, as well as gain valuable social skills. Through positive reinforcement, they can bring out the best in you.

Every Fresno Kenpo Karate student has a personalized training program in a fun, exciting, energetic, and safe environment with lots of karate learning and character-building skills. Their instructors have years of experience in their discipline. All ages learn to set goals, how to succeed in life, and self-defense!

Fresno State Baseball Academy

1620 E Bulldog Lane, Fresno, CA 93740
Phone Number: (559) 930-4771

Fresno State Baseball Academy offers an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction through programs and classes on the fundamental skills of baseball sports. Little players will be aware of the characteristics defining successful baseball players. Organized games between campers will provide a competitive outlet after specific drills have been practiced. Contests built into drills capture the learner’s attention, which results in attentive practice.

The Junior Bulldog Camp will be held for ages 6-12. Campers will experience hands-on instruction from Bulldog coaches and players and learn drills and techniques in all game areas in a fun, competitive atmosphere. The Bulldog coaching staff and players will provide instruction, and each day will end with a match.

Fresno Tennis Academy

2626 W Alluvial Ave., Fresno, CA 93711
Phone Number: (559) 916-4245

Whether you want to improve your game, play for your school, or compete on a local, state, national, or even world-class level, the Fresno Tennis Academy will help you reach your maximum potential. Sports programs and activities are offered to kids at every age level, including Fresno beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. From kid-friendly exercise and the introduction of tennis to the development of fundamentals and more competitive play, its specialized and customizable programs are available year-round.

Fresno Tennis Academy’s Pee Wee tennis program is specialized for children ages 2-4. It is a 30-minute session of fun, kid-friendly exercise with the introduction of tennis strokes to help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Their small coach-to-child ratio (1:5) means your child will receive individual attention and instruction. This year-round program is exclusive to Fresno Tennis Academy and not offered anywhere else in the Fresno or Clovis area.

Gateway Ice Center

2473 N. Marks Ave., Fresno, CA 93722
Phone Number: (559) 277-2233

Gateway Ice Center is a state-of-the-art ice skating and family entertainment center. They offer public ice skating, skating lessons, youth hockey, broomball, figure skating, competitive skating, and much more under one roof. Their classes use an engaging combination of games, toys, demonstration, and verbal instruction to teach proper technique and control.

Gateway Ice Center encourages skaters of all ages and skill levels to try our classes in a fun and safe environment. Their skating curriculum is in accordance with United States Figure Skating’s Learn to Skate Program, with year-round class evaluations at the end of every two-month semester. They take pride in offering a first-class skating program, with classes ranging from beginning to recreational to competitive.


4042 N. Cedar Ave., Fresno, CA 93726
Phone Number: (559) 229-7900

MetalMark is the premier indoor climbing activities and sports fitness gym for kids in Fresno. Their towering walls and fun bouldering terrain will have climbers of all levels looking for their next challenge. They love kids and are excited to welcome them to the climbing world. MetalMark offers an array of clinics to help kids improve their climbing skills, as well as one-on-one instruction and private lessons.

Kids Belay is a great way to introduce your child to rock climbing before signing up for a camp. Kids will share a one-hour timeslot with others while taking turns scaling up the climbing walls. Its fantastic staff is on hand to belay, teach and motivate. Touchstone Climbing is dedicated to making youth climbing programs affordable for all families. Online reservations are required.

The Little Gym of Fresno Northeast

9525 N Sommerville Dr., Fresno, CA 93720
Phone Number: (559) 433-3434

At The Little Gym, kids should be able to act like kids. They believe fun environments are especially conducive to the kind of learning that prepares them for life’s adventures. They provide children with a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, build confidence, and develop critical skills. Their unique curriculum is based on a holistic approach to learning, challenging children to master physical, emotional, and life skills.

Full of movement, learning, and laughter, each level features a fun, progressive curriculum designed to develop age-appropriate skills. As your child advances through its program, you’ll see noticeable growth—and a gigantic, proud grin—with each new achievement. Explore the range of classes at The Little Gym of Fresno Northeast to find the one that’s just right for your child!

Kid's Gymnastics

Best Sports Activities in Fresno for Kids

Sport is a perfect outlet to keep kids active while having fun and learning valuable life skills. Encouraging your kids to participate in sporting activities can help them develop the social, physical, and cognitive skills needed to succeed. With our list of the best sports activities for kids in Fresno, you can easily find the right programs and classes best suited to their passion and interest!

Fresno offers many opportunities for kids to enjoy and have fun all year round! Check out our list of resources, or browse through our things to do in Fresno with kids. Still looking for more activities for kids in Fresno? No problem! Check out our comprehensive listing of sports in the region and our highly recommended sports blog posts.

And if you’re in for some significant savings, such as coupon codes or any special offers and promotions for your kids in your area, check out our Deals and Discount category.

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