Father’s Day Celebration | 15 Things to do with Dad at Home
June 17, 2021

After more than a year of complex, California has fully reopened its economy this week. But if you still don’t feel safe to go out in crowded places to celebrate Father’s Day, here are some ideas that will make things to do with dad extra special — even while at home.

Father’s Day is a great tribute to Dad. For most Father’s day ideas, moms and kids surprise him with a perfect gift. Father’s Day celebration is usually done in restaurants and seldom at home. Some dads choose to celebrate father’s day by watching their favorite sports team live or family night outs. Others prefer to go to parks for a picnic or have some adventure in the great outdoors. But out of the thousands of things to do with dad whether at home or somewhere else, we all know that his ultimate favorite is to spend the day with you.

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Father’s Day celebration may be different this year because of COVID-19. You might not be able to have the usual things to do with dad, but that doesn’t have to make this special day any less fun. While we are still facing the pandemic crisis, there are Father’s day ideas we can do in the comforts of our home. Hence, you may need to restructure your plans and create a special day to celebrate dad’s awesomeness at home.

Looking for things to do this Father’s Day at home?

Going to places with people gathering is not ideal at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have a father’s day celebration this year. So, we’ve put together a list of unique and creative things to do with dad at home to celebrate Father’s Day. Before you continue reading, you must think of your dad’s favorite things, likes, dislikes, characteristics, or personality. All these will come in handy once you go on with the list of Father’s Day ideas worth celebrating at home.

Father's day Breakfast in Bed | celebrate | ideas
Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed

1. Father-themed Breakfast in Bed

The best time to begin this special day with a great surprise is in the morning. Usually, you do the breakfast-in-bed surprise for your moms. But that doesn’t mean your dad doesn’t want the same indulging. Ask your mom to help prepare breakfast. Put something extra on it that can highlight the Father’s Day celebration. 

Write a lovely message on the pancake using the syrup, or perhaps make a personalized cupcake. You can print his favorite sports team’s logo and players, cut them out, and design them on the tray. However, be mindful that if you do this, make sure to wake up earlier than your dad.

Dad-Approved Menu for Father's Day | celebrate | ideas
Father’s day Breakfast in Bed

2. Dad-Approved Menu for Every Meal

On an ordinary day, moms would usually schedule a menu for the whole day—breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. On Father’s Day, why not ask your dad for his all-time favorite menu. And whatever it is, ask your mom to cook it the best way she could (of course, with your help), and all of you will eat it together during each meal.

Even though the food listed is not something you are fond of, the least you can do is try to eat it. That is the sacrifice you can make because you love your dad, and you want to celebrate Father’s day at home.  

Special Backyard BBQ - things to do with dad
Special Backyard BBQ Party

3. Special Backyard BBQ with Personalized Grilling Stuff

Grilling is something your dad always loves to do on any given weekend or family gathering. You can still do a backyard barbecue even if there are still restrictions—as long as you don’t invite many people along and turn the session into a fest. But spending a Summer evening cooking and grill something delicious with your closest friends and family is always a great idea.

To make this Father’s day celebration special, you can personalize a grilling apron your dad will wear. You can write messages on the white apron or just a simple “World’s Best Dad” on it. Take a picture of him, and that would surely be Instagram-worthy (if your dad is into that). You can also personalize the spatula and design dad’s stuff around the grilling area. 

Camping in the Backyard - things to do with dad
Backyard Camping with family

4. Camping with Dad in the Backyard

Some dads love to camp. A few consider camping as a form of father-kids bonding. It’s hard to do that in the great outdoors because of the pandemic. To celebrate Father’s day at home, you can transform your backyard into a camping ground. You can prepare the snacks with the help of your mom.

However, let your dad build up the tent. Besides, he is usually the one doing that and, in a way, you give him the real experience of camping. You can help him out, of course. Assist him in every way possible. It will be an excellent bonding time for you. Make this simple Father’s day celebration worth your while. 

Dad's Game Night - things to do with dad at home
Dad’s Favorite Board Games

5. Dad’s Game Night with a Twist

Most Father’s day ideas come from the things he usually does on a regular day. You just have to be creative with them and make them the center of the activity. If your Father is a board game kind of guy or loves to play parlor games such as Charades and Pictionary, then the best way to celebrate Father’s day at home is to have a game night where you will play all his favorite board games or parlor games.

To make it more special, put a twist in every game. For example, you can have prizes that will be beneficial to your dad, or you can make the topics of the charades about your Father. 

Learn New Craft Together - things to do with dad at home
Learn New Craft Together

6. Learn New Craft Together

If your dad is artsy, the best way to celebrate Father’s Day at home is to do some art activities. But what’s cooler is to learn a new craft together. In that way, the experience is fresh for him, and that particular memory is with you.

You can learn from the internet, maybe get some online classes together. Who knows? Perhaps even after Father’s day, it will be something you and your dad can do every free time. 

Home Spa for your Dad - father's day celebration | celebrate | ideas
DIY Home Spa for Dad

7. Home Spa for your Dad

One of the best Father’s day ideas is pampering your dad with unique treatments. He has been working hard for the family, he is always tired, and he deserves to be spoiled sometimes.

To celebrate Father’s day at home, you can set up a DIY spa for him. You go to the internet and learn some simple treatments or massages that you can facilitate easily. You can start the surprise with a personalized spa coupon. Then, transform a room or an area into a mini-wellness spa where he will experience pampering for an ample amount of time.

Quiet Alone Time - father's day celebration | celebrate | ideas
Dad’s Me-Time

8. Quiet Alone Time without Distraction

Father’s day celebration is excellent, but some dads just want to spend the day alone. He just wants a calm environment for a day. It sounds ironic, but some people want to spend a special day differently from regular days. It’s like a day off.

Maybe your household is always loud and noisy. And the best way to celebrate Father’s day at home is to give him some quiet time and just do what he wants to do alone. To make this work, you must make an effort to avoid noise and loudness for the whole day.

Make Your Dad a Man Cave - father's day ideas | celebrate | ideas
Dad’s Man Cave

9. Make Your Dad a Man Cave

If your dad is a gamer, one of the best things to do with dad at home is to make a personalized man cave for him. You can setup around the area where his video game console or computer is.

Put some bold designs or anything that will make his mood great. Ready a cooler of beer beside his chair and some snacks personally made by you. Then, give him the whole day just playing his games without any distraction from anyone in the household. 

Dad-centered Movie Night - father's day ideas
Dad’s Movie Night

10. Dad-centered Movie Night

Another great way to celebrate Father’s day at home is to schedule a movie night. But it’s not just an ordinary movie night. The lineup of the movies you should watch is all your dad’s favorite.

Put some effort and transform the living room or watch room into a movie theater, complete with popcorns, DIY Marquee, and print-out tickets. It can be a movie marathon. You can also try watching a new movie, or it can be an old film he hasn’t watched yet. In this way, the movie can be a fresh experience for both of you. 

A Special Beer Night for Dad - father's day ideas
Special Beer Treat for Dad

11. A Special Beer Night for Him

One of the best things to do with dad at home is to have a special beer night if he loves to drink beer. To make this night special, you can design and put some personalized things on his beers. A specialized beer tag is a great example. You can cut out from a carton or a thick paper, write some personal messages or titles, and then put them on all his beers.

If you are crafty, you can make a beer bouquet out of art paper. The Father’s day celebration will always be something memorable if you give effort and put something special on his favorite things.

Virtual World Tour - things to do with dad at home
Explore the World Together – Virtually!

12. A Virtual World Tour

If your dad is someone who loves to travel, celebrating Father’s day at home would be difficult. But with all the activities going virtual nowadays, one of the best Father’s day ideas is to take him on a virtual world tour. Some websites offer virtual trips to tourist destinations around the world. However, the problem is he can do this anytime, any day of the week.

But how can you make it unique and turn the experience into a memorable Father’s day celebration? What you can do is to set up the computer in a special place in the house. Make sure his seat is comfortable. You can also ask your mom to cook exceptional food that originated from the site he is about to go on a virtual tour—so it will be a complete experience for him. Your mom can always go to the internet to learn how to cook this food.    

Father's Day Video Greeting Card
Surprise Father’s Day Video Greetings

13. Create a Surprise Video Greeting for Dad

One of the cutest Father’s day ideas for a gift is to make a video greeting coming from all of you. However, since most of the families are staying at home, it’s hard to sneak away, tiptoe around, and plan a surprise. But if there’s a will, there’s always a way. You can do it while he is sleeping or doing something. You can hide in your bedroom or somewhere far from him. It will be a big surprise when he finally watches it.

He will surely be amazed because you are always around each other almost all the time. He’ll start asking questions like, “How did you pull this off?” “When did you film this?” The secret is to be in stealth mode when you film yourself. Seeing the reaction on his face will always be worth it.

Custom-made Gift - father's day ideas
Create a Perfect Custom-Made Gift

14. A Creative and Custom-made Gift

Buying a gift is difficult nowadays because of some restrictions outside your home. In order not to spoil the Father’s day celebration, you can make your gift for him. Anything you make personally will always be pleasant and unique for him because you made it, and you put your heart into it. The DIY gift will depend on your Father’s favorites, likes, and personality.

For example, if he is someone sporty, you can make a personalized jersey out of a plain shirt. You can design and write on it using permanent markers, or you can sew his name, favorite number, and team on it. If you don’t know how to sew, you can learn from the internet. But if it’s too complicated and dangerous for you, you can always ask your mom. 

Pull off a Surprise Performance during father's day celebration
Talent Night at Home

15. Pull off an At-Home Mini Concert

If you are talented and have the skills to sing or dance, why not pull off an extraordinary performance while celebrating Father’s day at home? It is especially so when your dad is always happy and proud of you whenever you show others what you can do.

But to make this into something special, set a DIY stage, or fix a make-believe performance hall. You can print out a special ticket for him. Prepare a wine, if there’s any. Tell him to dress up, and you should also wear the appropriate clothes for your performances. Complete it with a host. Your mom can take this role—she should dress up too!

Are you ready to pull-off a Fathers Day surprise for your dad?

Father’s Day is a time to express your love and let him know that he’s appreciated. Recognize his hard work. Tell your dad all the things you love about him. Even though this year we may still adjust with the new normal, staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t still have some quality time together. That’s why we’ve got you covered with fun and creative Father’s day ideas and things to do with dad at home as a family to make the best Father’s Day celebration ever. 

With the coronavirus crisis we are experiencing right now, he’ll expect nothing special to happen. There are plenty of fun activities that you can do at home without compromising social distancing and keeping everyone safe. Any of these at-home Father’s day ideas can go a long way. And don’t limit yourself to just Father’s Day celebration. You can plan these activities to spend time with your dad all year round. offers a wide variety of opportunities for kids to enjoy and have fun all year round! Check out our list of kid’s resources. Are you looking for more things to do with kids in your local area? Browse through our places to go and events section. If you’re even more curious and seeking to learn more information about kids’ topics, tips, and guides, check out our things to do blog posts.

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