Skiing Adventure with your Family
January 6, 2020

Family Skiing Areas near Sacramento

Ski season is here! Family skiing is a wonderful activity. The sport is suitable for children as young as 3 and is a great way for families to be active together. Dozens of snow ski resorts are within close proximity to Sacramento and most offer programs, especially for families.

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Ski Season

People often consider family skiing to be a winter activity. However, when the snowpack is good (like this year), most ski resorts stay open through spring. Some Snow Ski Sacramento areas even stay open into summer!
Soda Springs - family skiing Soda Springs

What to Wear when Skiing

This ski season, skiers should make sure to layer their clothing under a weatherproof coat, wear sunscreen and sunglasses (or ski goggles), and ski gloves. Sacramento has dozens of area retailers who carry appropriate clothing for snow sports.

Stores like Target and Wal-Mart carry an assortment of gear like ski pants, gloves, and long underwear suitable for the slopes. Additionally, sporting goods stores such as Big 5, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or REI are good places to find winter apparel.

Soda Springs - family skiing Soda Springs

Ski Equipment

Conveniently, all resorts offer ski rentals on-site. Unfortunately, helmets are not included in ski rental packages. Do not skip this important item when renting gear. Always request to add a helmet to your rental.

Learning to Ski

All ski resorts offer lessons for any age or skill level. Beginners should schedule a lesson to learn the basics of turning, stopping, and chairlift use. After a couple of hours of ski school, most new skiers will be able to navigate the slopes on their own.

Where to Ski

Sacramento families are fortunate to have over a dozen Snow Ski Sacramento within a 2-hour drive of their homes. Choosing which ski area to visit will depend on distance, budget, conditions, and terrain.

Skiing Boreal - ski resorts - Snow Ski Sacramento Boreal Mountain Resort

Closest Ski Resorts to Sacramento

These resorts are family-friendly and easy to get to:

  • Soda Springs is a small resort with 13 runs served by 4 chairlifts. Families with young children will enjoy its Planet Kids program which is a ski learning program for children age 8 and under. Equipment rentals and ski lessons are available at the resort.
  • Donner Ski Ranch is a smaller resort perfect for families. The smaller size means shorter lift lines and smaller crowds. They operate 2 moving carpets and 6 chairlifts. Ski rentals and lessons are available for all ages. Check the Donner Ski Ranch webcam for a live view of the mountain.

Donner - Snow Ski Sacramento Donner Ski Ranch

Other Skiing Areas near Sacramento

These larger resorts are off of Highway 89 near Tahoe City:

Northstar California Resort is comprised of 98 ski runs served by 20 lifts. To learn more, check out their ticket, rental, and lesson web pages. To see their current conditions, visit the Northstar live webcams.

Snow Ski Sacramento - ski season Sugar Bowl

Other Ski Resorts

Northern California is home to many other ski resorts as well. These resorts include Kirkwood, Bear Valley, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Homewood, Mt. Rose, Dodge Ridge, Heavenly, and Mt. Shasta.

Downhill skiing is a great way to spend time as a family. This, combined with the historic levels of snow we’ve received makes it a great time to plan your family’s ski adventure.

Not sure if you’re ready to try downhill skiing? No problem. Check out our extensive listing of winter activities and other places to go in the Sacramento area.

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