15 Fun Things To Do with Kids in Fresno
August 12, 2022

Explore the sights and attractions in California’s biggest inland city and enjoy the different activities and fun things to do with kids in Fresno!

Fresno is a landlocked city offering infinite leisure and entertainment possibilities for the whole family. Apart from being famous for its agriculture with massive farmlands rich in fresh produce, it is also a thriving city in terms of history, art, music, tourism, and more. No matter what kind of attractions and activities you’re looking for, you’re always bound to find many fun things to do with kids in Fresno!

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Fresno is located in the geographic center of California in San Joaquin Valley. From being a railroad town to becoming a bustling metropolis, it has impressively done perfectly growing into an ideal place for families with a small-town feel blended into an urban hub. The state’s fifth-largest city has incredibly gorgeous warm weather all year round, making it an ultimate spot for a family day out.

Take a family day trip on a fantastic weekend or holiday break as you visit an innovative zoo, fascinating historical landmarks, picturesque garden, interactive museums, exhilarating amusement parks, and plenty of indoor and outdoor attractions for fun activities with kids in Fresno. Skip your time looking for the best places to go. Instead, explore our list of fun things to do with kids in Fresno!

List of Attractions and Activities for Kids in Fresno

Fun things to do with kids in Fresno - Aerozone Trampoline Park
Photo by: Aerozone Trampoline Park

Aerozone Trampoline Park

4155 E Ashlan Ave., Fresno, CA 93726
Phone Number: (559) 225-2955

The Aerozone Trampoline Park is a 34,000 sq. ft. trampoline center offering fun packages for families. Here, you and your children can bounce to your hearts’ content or even plan a fun-filled birthday party with them. You can hop atop sturdy trampolines, play dodgeball, jump into a foam pit, enjoy tasty snacks, go rock climbing, try various arcade games, and so on.

Whether visiting with little ones or hanging out with friends, Aerozone provides the ultimate entertainment experience. Its facility is considered the largest trampoline arena in all of California, with over 14,000 square feet of trampolines, two dodgeball courts, foam pits, rock climbing, and even a particular area for the little ones. For more information, please visit their website.

Attractions and activities for kids in Fresno - Blackbeards Family Entertainment Center
Photo by: Blackbeards Family Entertainment Center

Blackbeards Family Entertainment Center

4055 N Chestnut Diagonal, Fresno, CA 93726
Phone Number: (559) 292-9000

Race in a go-kart, float in a Bumper Boat, hit a home run at the batting cages, slide down a giant water slide, experience Xtreme Laser Tag, or putt around an interactive miniature golf course. Blackbeards Family Entertainment Center has a host of activities for kids and fun attractions they can enjoy in Fresno. This amusement park will significantly surprise you with all the roller coaster rides.

You may want to brush up on your pirate lingo because this fun and action-packed family entertainment center has a pirate twist–ahoy, mateys! It does not matter how old your kids are because at this terrific family recreation center, you can enjoy limitless fun possibilities. For more information, please visit their website.

Fun things to do with kids in Fresno - Downing Planetarium
Photo by: Downing Planetarium

Downing Planetarium

5320 N Maple Ave., Fresno, CA 93710
Phone Number: (559) 278-4071

Downing Planetarium is a part of the Fresno State campus, made for its Department of Physics. Its 30-foot dome is impressive even from a distance, and since its opening in the year 2000, it has been one of the top things to do in Fresno for fans of the heavenly bodies and the world beyond earth. You’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away from California as you look through the planetarium telescope on a clear night, viewing celestial objects far away.

The Downing Planetarium’s star theater, which has 74 seats, uses a delightful mix of hemispherical mirror projection and a Minolta MS-10 start projector to turn the entire planetarium dome into a movie screen. They also have a museum located directly behind the Downing Planetarium and consists of hands-on astronomy and physics exhibits. For more information, please visit their website.

Attractions and activities for kids in Fresno - Forestiere Underground Gardens
Photo by: Forestiere Underground Gardens

Forestiere Underground Gardens

5021 W Shaw Ave., Fresno, CA 93722
Phone Number: (559) 271-0734

Discover Fresno’s best kept secret with tons of things to do with kids — The Forestiere Underground Gardens. The actual site is over 100 years old. These unique gardens are part of a hand-built network of underground courtyards, rooms, and passageways – that are often compared to ancient catacombs. It’s a great place to explore, as there are some unique features, which also means it’s an excellent education for the kids!

The Forestiere Underground Gardens have an underground micro-climate, and temperatures vary between 10 and 30 degrees so certain plants can thrive. There are unique fruit-producing trees and amazing Ancient Roman architecture, including vaults, arches, and stone-built walls. Guided tours, weather permitting, are the only way to see the gardens. For more information, please visit their website.

Fun things to do with kids  - Fresno Art Museum
Photo by: Fresno Art Museum

Fresno Art Museum

2233 N First St., Fresno, CA 93703
Phone Number: (559) 441-4221

One of the best places to see and things to do in California is the Fresno Art Museum, set up by local artists. Created as a humble community space in 1940, it was initially meant for the exhibition and critique of the works of its creators. Since that small start, the museum has grown into one of the top spots in this California city for art and artistic expression. Rotating exhibits change each season, so there’s always something new to see here.

More than 3,600 individual works make up the Art Museum’s permanent collection, most emphasizing paintings, prints, and sculptures. Exhibits such as the Collection of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Art: Earth, Fire & Stone by Kenneth E. Stratton and the Andean Pre-Columbian Textiles and Artifacts showcase make for unique looks into specific facets of art. For more information, please visit their website.

Attractions and activities for kids - Fresno Blossom Trail
Photo by: Sonny Nguyen

Fresno Blossom Trail

2629 S Clovis Ave., Fresno, CA 93725
Phone Number: (559) 600-4271

California springs are lovely, and the Fresno Blossom Trail is one of the marks of its serenity and beauty. The vibrancy and beauty of the area’s agriculture are apparent as the trail takes you through the best things to see related to new blooms, abundance, and fertile land. Nut orchards, fruit orchards, and more color the Blossom Trail, which spans 62 miles and can be biked or driven through as desired.

Blooms and the most vibrant colors can be seen between the middle of February and the middle of March. A recommended stop along the trail is at Simonian Farms, which opened in 1901, sold nuts and fruits, and provided driving maps for trail travelers. With the end of blossom season, and in what seems to be the blink of an eye, a new trail—the Fresno County Fruit Trail is brought into fruition. For more information, please visit their website.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Photo by: Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

894 W Belmont Ave., Fresno, CA 93728
Phone Number: (559) 498-5910

Fresno Chaffee Zoo is home to over 200 species from all across the globe, with more constantly on the way, so if you LOVE animals, you better head on down. It has a host of mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles that kids can see close up, watch, admire, and learn about. Kids can excavate a full-size T-Rex on the Dino Dig, feed giraffes, or learn about agriculture at Valley Farm.

You don’t need to travel to the plains of Africa to check out those fantastic African elephants or watch the proud African lion. You don’t have to dive into the ocean to meet with the California sea lion or harbor seal. You don’t have to trek the jungles of Asia to look a Malayan tiger in the eye or watch the orangutans at play. For more information, please visit their website.

Fresno Grizzlies Baseball
Photo by: Fresno Grizzlies Baseball

Fresno Grizzlies Baseball

1800 Tulare St., Fresno, CA 93721
Phone Number: (559) 320-4487

One of the best activities to do in Fresno – particularly in its downtown area – is to catch a Fresno Grizzlies Minor League Baseball team game. Their home stadium, the Chukchansi Park, was completed and opened in 2002. Chukchansi Park is quite a marvel, with a stadium that looks out onto the city’s skyline, with the Sierra Mountains beautifully situated in the back.

The ballpark is more than just a stadium, with 33 luxury suites, a full-service bar and restaurant, and even a spa and pool area. There is also the Fun Zone for kids, complete with interactive baseball-related excitement, a carousel, and an inflatable slide. For more information, please visit their website.

Fun things to do with kids in Fresno - Ghost Golf
Photo by: Ghost Golf

Ghost Golf

5179 North Blackstone Ave., Fresno, CA 93710
Phone Number: (559) 800-0811

Ghost Golf will let you enjoy a unique game of mini-golf—spooky, even when Halloween is months away, and enjoyable even when the weather’s terrible since the entire course is indoors. This is a particularly great thing to do in Fresno with kids on a bad-weather day. If you’re not a fan of haunted houses, don’t worry, the spooky decorations are more “Disney’s Haunted Mansion,” less “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Ghost Golf combines the best of fun activities for all ages, family-friendly with state-of-the-art fun, silly haunted attractions in Fresno, especially for kids. Where skeletons bid you on, and busts come to life as you journey through our 18 holes of fun. It is genuinely Spooktacular! For more information, please visit their website.

Attractions and activities for kids in Fresno - Meux Home Museum
Photo by: Meux Home Museum

Meux Home Museum

1007 R St., Fresno, CA 93721
Phone Number: (559) 233-8007

People interested in arts and history will find this place intriguing. The museum was built in the 19th century and reflected the quintessential architectural style of the Victorian era. The two-story building, with its composed roof and elongated high chimneys along with an elaborate exterior donned with varied textures, including shingles and shiplap, makes it the perfect muse for anyone who wishes to have a peek at the time back then.

The Meux Home Museum’s exterior uses features such as corbels, towers, string courses, Corinthian cornices, fans, cut glass, scrolls, and stained glass to further present its gaunt but eclectic design. Different textures along the home’s exterior add to its appeal, especially the more elaborate details. For more information, please visit their website.

No Surrender Laser Tag & Adventure Park
Photo by: No Surrender Laser Tag & Adventure Park

No Surrender Laser Tag & Adventure Park

4985 E Kings Canyon, Fresno, CA 93727
Phone Number: (559) 551-4386

No Surrender Laser Tag & Adventure Park is an ultimate indoor gaming facility with so many things to do in Fresno for kids and youth to enjoy the different activities such as laser combat and kiddie attractions. The Adventure Park is designed especially for the kids where they can enjoy spinning on the balls hung from a kiddie carousel, bouncing on an inflatable bumper boat, playing puzzles, slipping through slides, and exploring the playhouse.

There are little tables and chairs in this area to let the kids enjoy socializing while the parents can watch them from the other side of the wall. The Laser Combat arena of No Surrender Laser Tag is a neon-lighted space with many props. After gaming, you can enjoy fresh oven-baked pizzas and craft burgers. For more information, please visit their website.

Storyland and Playland
Photo by: Storyland and Playland

Storyland and Playland

890 W. Belmont Ave., Fresno, CA 93728
Phone Number: (559) 486-2124

Storyland is officially known as the Rotary Storyland Playland Family Amusement Park. It is home to a bevy of water and land-based attractions for kids in Fresno, filled with cottages, a pirate ship, a castle, queens, plus more exciting activities. This amusement park offers you a boat-load of fun rides and attractions to go on, guaranteeing a memorable experience for your whole family.

More suited for the younger ones, there are three main areas to explore within the park. The first is the Fairytale Exhibits. Here, your favorite fairytales come to life as you meet and explore the worlds you grew up with. You can find Humpty Dumpty sitting on that famous wall or come face to face with the Three Little Pigs. For more information, please visit their website.

The Discovery Center
Photo by: The Discovery Center

The Discovery Center

1944 N Winery Ave., Fresno, CA 93703
Phone Number: (559) 251-5533

Fresno Discovery Center is a science center for the mind where visitors of all ages can discover, explore and create. Education involves active participation, which is why they offer a wide array of events and exhibitions ranging from fun to educational, targeting adult audiences and the entire family. The Science Museum covers Space, Paleontology, Natural Science, Music, Electricity, Magnets, and Native American artifacts.

The Discovery Center is a part science museum, part outdoor adventure space, complete with an extensive cactus garden. Budding scientists are encouraged to explore exhibits and hands-on experiments at their own pace. It’s one of the best things to do in Fresno with kids any time of the year. For more information, please visit their website.

The Island Waterpark

The Island Waterpark

6099 W Barstow Ave., Fresno, CA 93723
Phone Number: (559) 277-6800

One of the fun things to do in Fresno with kids is having a blast with them at the Island Waterpark. It is a fantastic waterpark in California filled with fun activities with a tropical theme. The Island has a host of awesome water slides, from the thrilling speed ones to the lazy river. The whole family can get involved in the Singapore Tsunami, where the adventure takes you on a journey in your 4-person raft.

There are also a bunch of thrilling rides that are fun for teens, like the Thrills of Fiji, which involves shooting down one of the longest and tallest slides in the water park. The Mumbai Monsoon should be next, with even more twists and turns to keep you excited. So grab those swimmers and hats because there is plenty of water adventure to be had at The Island. For more information, please visit their website.

Xcape Room Fresno
Photo by: Xcape Room Fresno

Xcape Room Fresno

3475 W. Shaw Ave., Suite 103, Fresno, CA 93711
Phone Number: (559) 721-7271

Xcape Room Fresno is not only entertaining and fun for everyone, but it brings a super engaging way to unite your team. The experience helps build team communication skills, enhances critical thinking skills, and allows a team to solve problems, not just as individuals on a team. Your team will love the experience and have a takeaway like never before.

Each escape room has a themed room filled with secret puzzles and clues that you and your family must work together to find and solve to reveal the final key to complete the story and escape the room. Bring your family for an exciting hour of problem-solving. For more information, please visit their website.

Fun Things To Do with Kids in Fresno

Fresno has a lot to keep young visitors and locals entertained through its fascinating attractions and exciting activities. Surrounded by green space, it also makes a great access point to nearby destinations such as Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park. Whether you want to make the most of the outdoors or if you’re going to enjoy some family time together, this convenient list of fun things to do with kids will help you fill out your to-do list in Fresno at any time of the year!

Fresno offers a wide variety of opportunities for kids to enjoy and have fun all year round! Check out our list of kids’ resources. Are you looking for more things to do with kids around Fresno? Browse through our places to go and camps section. Check out our blog posts if you’re even more curious and seek to learn more about kids’ topics, tips, and guides.

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