15 Healthy On-the-go Kids Meals and Snacks Parents Should Prepare for School
August 26, 2019

Get hooked on these back-to-school on-the-go kids meals and snacks to get your child’s tricky breakfast, lunch, and dinner quest solved! This list of healthy meals and snacks for kids will surely satisfy their palate.

Our little ones love sweet, fun, and pretty things. Leave your kid for a moment while you go around in a grocery store and they will get their hands full of packs of glucose disguised as worms or rocks. They’ll throw it in your cart with a big smile on their face, knowing that the coming days will be filled with sweet adventures. You knew those goodies weren’t on the list so you decided it’s better to leave them behind. Later at home, you see your kid sad, no response to your dinner call. Then you remembered how none of your previous school lunch bag recipes excite your kid. You find yourself worrying about what on-the-go kids meals and snacks to prepare for the coming days as classes for kids have just started. 

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With the opening of the new school year, another season has begun and your kid is one grade-level older. In preschool, students are challenged with tougher kids activities and tiring after school programs. Schools also adapt to charter school systems, where they offer personalized services to enhance creativity and promote passionate teaching that students will need to learn.

This makes schooling ready. Everything is prepared, just how will you and your kid perform and make it through the year well? *sigh* You looked out of the window and your thoughts start to linger. Then a pretty fruit hanging from a tree struck your attention. In an instant, an idea popped into your head. Did you finally find the answer to the on-the-go kids meals and snacks quest?

As parents, you ask yourself, “How do I make them get a mouthful of healthy meals and snacks for my kids that are especially needed when they get back to school?

Here are 15 healthy on-the-go kids meals and snacks that will surely make your little schoolers let the sugar dream go! If this is a game our kids love to play, then let’s get the breakfast, lunch, and dinner quest done at once! 

Kids Meals and Snacks

Secret Breakfast Recipes: Morning Moon Meals!

It is always interesting to know what healthy kids meals and snacks for breakfast would best satisfy our children’s small tummies since, in the morning, our kids get the most unmanageable when getting distracted from their sleep. Kick-start your kids’ school day with a little trivial meal. Give your recipes mysterious names to make your kid think first thing in the morning. A moon meal in the morning? Don’t worry! These moon-colored kids meals and snacks will be interesting to them.

Blue-Moon-Berry Muffins (Blueberry Muffin)

Blueberry Muffin - Kids Meals and Snacks

Muffins are absolutely great for breakfast, but when added with blueberries? Your kids will moon over it! Get the recipe baked with those berries to provide nutrients on the first meal of the day! 

Goodnight, Grape! (Grape Quesadilla)

Grape Quesadilla

Black California grapes, tortilla wraps, thin-sliced meat, and lettuce! All well wrapped for your Goodnight Grape morning meal. Tell them to give these grapes a goodnight kiss…or bite? 

Raisin to Bed (Raisin and Milk Spread)

Raisin and Milk Spread - Kids Meals and Snacks
Real Simple : Cinnamon Rasin Smear

Make it look like raisins are having an overnight with this amazing, simple bread spread! Just mix your California raisins with your favorite milk spread and let the spread sit on wheat bread.

Night by the Seaweed (Seaweed Wraps)

Seaweed Wraps - Kids Meals and Snacks

Seaweeds are healthy in many, many ways. Also, in many ways can this be prepared as a recipe. Wrap it on thin slices of scrambled egg with noodles, and your kids’ fun and healthy lunch bag are good to go!

Starry Night Dark Choco Bite (Dark Choco Munchkins)

Dark Choco Munchkins

Chocolate is, of course, a child’s favorite. But you wanted to choose a healthier option? Then pick healthier chocolate! Blend the dark chocolate and use it as a filling to your munchkins. Once your kid takes a bite, there is the dark choco filling as the starry night!

Secret Lunch Recipes: Wish, Grab & Go Kids Meals and Snacks

Lunchtime has arrived. We are halfway through the day and our kids’ energy has leveled down. We need something that will bring our kids’ energy back to accomplish their remaining time in school. How do we succeed in this meal time’s quest? Give them something they want, something they’ll get, and something they’re sure to finish. These kids meals and snacks will get this lunch game done just great!

Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers - Kids Meals and Snacks

Our kids love chicken. The best way to prepare chicken as a meal is by slicing it into finger-like size. This way, your child’s favorite will be easy to handle and fun to accomplish. 

Tuna Wrappers

Tuna Wrappers

Tuna is clearly healthy and tasty. But when wrapped with mayonnaise and thin tortillas? Kids would literally grab ’em from your kitchen and go! Would it not be amazing to have this energy from your kids? 

Rainbow Burger 

Rainbow Burger - Kids Meals and Snacks

Burgers are famous for children. They were always bread on lettuce on patties on bread. But what if we rainbow dye our bread? Kids would not notice if we add other healthier fillings! This is a smart trick, don’t you agree?

Golden Potato Balls

Potato Balls

Potato balls are easy to prepare. Roll potatoes until in shape then deep fry these balls until they turn golden-brown. Potatoes are the most famous vegetables to kids, so make it more interesting when presented in a new shape!

Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls - Kids Meals and Snacks

Anything with thin bread and cheese is pizza… right? Let your kids spend their second meal of the day indulging with pizza rolls. Fill that thin bread roll with cheese and…mushrooms? Go with any interesting healthy ingredients you can add!

Secret Dinner Recipes:  Blessing in Disguise Meals!

Dinner time! Now that your kid’s at home, you are in control. Your kid is tired of the surprising new school activities and you just want to serve them a friendly dinner to end the day. But for a parent, a friendly dish must still be healthy.

And for a kid, a friendly dish must as well look and taste nice. Then you’ve really gotten this dinner mystery solved! End your day with a great family table talk and a great dish with these dinner recipes.

Steak and Mashed Potatoes

Steak and Mashed Potatoes -  Kids Meals and Snacks

Steaks and mashed potatoes are a combo for adults, but who said kids wouldn’t love to be served with this? Cut that steak into fine cubes and mix it with your mashed potatoes. You don’t have to question how healthy and fun this meal is for your kids!

Salad Rolls

salad rolls - Kids Meals and Snacks

A fruit and a vegetable salad are truly risky to prepare if you have kids. But do they have to know that that’s what will be served for dinner? Thin-slice your fruits and vegetables and roll them in a rice paper. They will never know what’s inside those mysterious rolls!

Fruity Yogurt


Fruits will be visible on this snack, but kids still amazingly devour this recipe. But another trick will make this healthy snack even more healthy. Blend honey and other fruits with your milk cream, then add colorful fruities. That yogurt will turn out the best one yet!

Pea, Carrot, Corn, and Butter

Kids Meals and Snacks

Corn and cheese are already a match made in heaven because of how perfect these two taste together. What else if you got cube-sliced carrots and peas? Would kids care if they’re vegetables if they taste great? Bring your movie night “popcorn” to the next level! 

Avocado Salad


Frozen milk cream with honey and avocado is a great day ender. This recipe provides a balanced diet for your kids. Why make dinner hard on a tiring day? This ice cream-like recipe is sure finished a short while after being served.

As a parent, a child’s health is important, but for a child, a food’s taste and appearance matter more. Solve this quest by combining both factors, and you will discover unending answers! Improvise using unlimited available ingredients and art out your food presentation. California alone harvests year-round fruits and vegetables. Use these and learn about recipes you never knew existed before.

The green ingredients you have at home may seem boring to your kids unless presented with interesting features. Turn them into shapes or create surprising drink flavors. Even parents will not realize how exciting the coming days will be once these healthy and silly recipes are presented on the table!

These 15 healthy on-the-go kids meals and snacks that parents should prepare at school are a game-changer. Take these simple recipes as an inspiration for your future search for the next perfect recipe. Not just for your little ones, but also for the whole family.

Go to a grocery shop and grab your family’s healthy and fun favorites. You will never have to get a goodie out of the cart again. With this, absolutely, your kid’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner quest are solved! 

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