Imaginarium — A Magical Journey Through Light
December 6, 2021

Take your kids on a journey through light and have an immersive holiday experience as Global Winter Wonderland brings you Imaginarium at Cal Expo in Sacramento starting this November!

If you happen to wander at night through Cal Expo in Sacramento in the third week of November, you will be captivated by the spectacular array of lighting displays synchronized with music, as well as laser shows lighting up the night sky — and you’ll know it’s back. The Global Winter Wonderland will finally be here at Cal Expo with its new Imaginarium  “Light Up the Night.” This family-friendly Sacramento outdoor event for kids gives you a captivating holiday season experience with the illuminated landscapes of over three million LED lights.

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What’s with the Imaginarium?

As you enter Cal Expo, you will surely be enticed with the Rhapsody in Blue Zone, where you’ll see an incredible display of lights creating a festive ambiance and a yuletide season feel. Aside from that, you might want to take a stroll with your friends through the beaming Field of Dreams, with over 30,000 roses illuminating the Global Winter Wonderland. It will surely give the whole family an awe-inspiring experience, especially the kids as they roam free, imagining themselves walking through the intergalactic space.

Like the past events, there will also be carnival rides, entertainment, and various games that offer good old-fashioned fun and magical adventure. At the Imaginarium event, guests can also have a photo opportunity with Santa and other costumed characters – making it an exciting event for kids in Sacramento. More so, foodie lovers will also enjoy a variety of refreshments in the food court and a beer garden for the adults. 

The Imaginarium at Cal Expo in Sacramento will run from November 19, 2021, until January 16, 2022. Global Winter Wonderland opened in 2011 in Santa Clara as the first-ever Chinese lantern festival in the United States. It was held at Cal Expo from 2014 – 2018 to appreciative crowds. 

For more information about Imaginarium at Cal Expo, please visit their website.

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